The Journey to the Underworld

Part 8

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

'Snap!' The dagger suddenly snapped into half before the dagger reached her heart. Lestrade stared at the broken dagger in shock, dropped it, then stared at Hades.

Hades rubbed his eyes a little. 'Maybe I should stop using my eyes' powers. Energy-using is way too exhausting for my eyes.' Persephone started laughing. Hades laughed with her.

Aphrodite looked at them. 'Hey, whatís going on?!'

Hades managed to stop laughing. 'Itís a test.'

'Test?' Lestrade and Holmes asked in unison.

'You mean the exchange life thing was a fake?!' Aphrodite asked.

'Yes. But the mind-wiping is real. I suggested that idea, then Hades thought of a idea to test Miss Lestrade to see if she really wanted to get Mr. Holmes back. If she was willing to sacrifice herself, it meant that she wanted Mr. Holmes to live for good reasons. If she was not willing to, that meant that she just wanted Mr. Holmes to live for some selfish reasons. Get what I mean?' Persephone asked.

'A little.' Aphrodite said.

'Whatever,' Hades said and snapped his fingers.

Holmesí face started to return its own color. His wound was gone. So were Lestradeís wounds. Lestrade touched his arm and he didn't feel cold anymore; he felt warm, like a normal person. She smiled and hugged him as long as she could.

'Youíre free to go. Hermes, lead them back to their world,' Hades smiled.

After they had left, Aphrodite turned to Hades and Persephone. 'I get it now! You just wanted to test Miss Lestrade to see if she really loves Mr. Holmes, right?' Hades nodded.

'What a wonderful husband I have,' Persephone said as Hades put his arm around her.

'Aphrodite, donít you have work to do?' Hades asked.

'Work? What work?' Aphrodite asked blankly.

Hades stared at her.

'Oh, yeah! I better do some mind wiping, ta-ta!' She disappeared in pink sparkles.

'Come on, darling, letís get back to bed.' Hades took his wifeís hand and walked back to their bedroom.


Lestrade opened her eyes and looked around. It was morning. The sunlight shone through her window. She was back in her apartment and her own bed. She suddenly sat up and thought, What if what happened yesterday night is just a dream? If it is... Holmes is still dead... She suddenly called out, 'Holmes? Holmes!'

'Quiet, heís still sleeping,' a voice said beside her.

She turned her head around. 'Aphrodite!'

Aphrodite smiled. 'Itís not a dream. Mr. Holmes is back; heís now sleeping on your couch.'

Lestrade got up from her bed and rushed to the living room to check. Sure enough, Holmes was sleeping comfortably on her couch. She smiled at Aphrodite. 'Thanks for helping me.'

'No problem, hon. I spent the whole night wiping people's minds and erasing the hospitalís records. Too bad Asphodel wasnít there to watch.'


'Yeah, I forgot to tell you that Hades and Persephone have a daughter. She's not there because she went camping. I guess Iíll be off to my beauty sleep...' She suddenly snapped her forehead. 'I forgot! I forgot to explain to Hades about Charonís boat fee. Oh, never mind, my beauty sleep comes first. Iíll explain to Hades when I get enough sleep. Gotta go, bye!' She disappeared.

Holmesí eyes fluttered open after Aphrodite had gone; his eyes roamed the room a moment before locked his eyes on Lestradeís.

Lestrade smiled. 'How do you feel?'

'Fine. Why am I here?'

'You donít remember anything, do you?'

'Remember what?'

Lestrade sat down by the end of the couch. He had forgotten everything, she thought sadly, when she felt Holmes gave her a light kiss on her cheek. She looked at him surprisedly.

Holmes grinned. 'I didnít forget anything.'

'You lied!'

Holmes laughed.

Lestrade didnít feel angry for long and started to laugh along with him.

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