The Journey to the Underworld

Part 7

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

'What?!' Aphrodite yelled.

Hermes stopped typing and stared at Hades.

'Thatís ridiculous! Persephone, what did you say to your husband?' Aphrodite demanded.

Hermes started typing again.

'I just said that we could wipe peopleís minds of Mr. Holmesí death, so that nobody will know that he died before. Then there will not be chaos! Hades!' Persephone called to her husband.

Hades ignored his wife and asked Lestrade, 'Well?'

Lestrade thought for a while. Aphrodite and Persephone looked at her nervously. 'All right, Iíll do it,' Lestrade said at last.

Aphrodite gasped.

'Good,' Hades said and turned to Hermes. 'Hermes, stop typing and bring William Sherlock Scott Holmes here.' Hermes put down the typewriter, took his winged staff entwined with snakes, which was lying beside him, and flew off. A few seconds later, he came back with Holmes.

'Lestrade!' Holmes called out. Lestrade ran and hugged him but then she let go quickly because Holmesí body was as cold as ice. She looked at Holmes carefully. His forehead had a big cut and he looked so pale.

'Mr. Holmes, youíre free to go. Your good friend Beth Lestrade agreed to exchange her life with yours,' Hades said.

'What?! Lestrade, you canít do this!'

Persephone turned to Hades. 'Hades, donít you think that....'

Hades whispered to Persephone. She nodded and gave Holmes a helpless look.

Hades snapped his fingers and a table with a dagger on it appeared in front of Lestrade. 'Prepare to die, Beth Lestrade. And your soul will be here for eternity,' Hades said coldly.

Lestrade took the dagger.

'No, Lestrade, donít! I...I love you! I canít let you die!' Holmes suddenly yelled out.

Lestrade looked at Holmes. 'Really?'

Holmes looked embarrassed and nodded slowly.

Lestrade smiled. 'I love you too, but... itís too late.' At that, Lestrade aimed the dagger towards her heart.

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