The Journey to the Underworld

Part 3

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

The woman appeared in front of Lestrade and sighed, 'Thatís the problem with you mortals, you mortals never believe that we gods existed.'

'I believe now. Who are you?' Lestrade said nervously.

The woman smiled. 'Iím Aphrodite, goddess of love. Iím here to help you.'

'Help me?' Lestrade echoed.

'Yep. Heard of Eurydice and Orpheus?' Aphrodite asked.

Lestrade thought for a while. 'I remember learning about them in my Mythology class in high school...'

Aphrodite looked disgusted at the word "mythology".

'Eurydice died of snakebite and Orpheus went to the Underworld to bring her back... oh, no, are we going to....?'

Aphrodite nodded. 'Weíre going to the Underworld!'

'Wait a minute! I thought not all spirits go to the Underworld. Some go to Heaven, some go to Hell....' Lestrade trailed off.

'I know, but for some reason, your good friendís spirit went there. Now do you want to go there?'

Lestrade thought for a while. Is Holmes my good friend? Yes. Do I want him back? Yes! 'Okay, Iíll go.'

Aphrodite got hold of Lestradeís hands and announced: 'Going down!!' Suddenly both of them disappeared in pink sparkles.

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