The Journey to the Underworld

Part 2

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

Selene's note: Edith and Alice do not belong to me and their description were based on from I saw on SH22's "The Adventure of The Creeping Man."

Part 2

'Beth...Beth, wake up please!' Lestrade heard a familiar voice calling her and she forced open her eyes. Then she saw Edith, Alice, Watson and the Baker Street Irregulars stared down at her. She sat up on the bed and looked around. She saw pale green walls in the room and there was a scent of medicine in the air. She could hear people calling to doctors outside the room. She must be in the hospital.

'Oh Beth, I was so worried about you! I thought that you were going to die....' Edith, a woman with short orange hair and green eyes, said as she hugged Lestrade.

'How do you feel?' Watson asked.

'Never mind about me -- how's Holmes? Is he all right?' Lestrade asked.

Suddenly the crowd went silent. Deidre suddenly cried while Wiggins and Tennyson looked sad.

Lestrade looked at them; then she turned to Watson. 'Don't tell me that he's....' Lestrade started.

Watson nodded slowly. 'Due to the great loss of blood,' he said softly.

Lestrade felt very shocked. Her heart hurt. Suddenly she got off the bed and ran towards the door.

'Beth!' Alice, a woman with long black hair and blue eyes, yelled.

'Leave me alone!' Beth yelled back as she ran out of the door....


Tears rolled down Lestrade's cheeks as she cried. She liked Holmes. A lot. Now he was gone.... 'I would give anything to have him back,' Lestrade said softly to herself.

'You could get him back, girl,' a voice said.

Lestrade turned around, and saw a tall, gorgeous woman with long blonde hair who was wearing a negligee, sitting on her bed, looking at her. 'How did you get in?' Lestrade demanded.

'By my own free will,' the woman replied.

'Yeah, right,' Lestrade snorted, 'Like a goddess.'

The woman frowned, snapped her fingers and she was gone, disappeared in a shower of pink sparkles!

'Where did she go?' Lestrade asked surprisedly.

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