The Journey to the Underworld

Part 1

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Part 1

The stars of the late night of New London were shining bright and so were Inspector Lestrade's eyes.

The thing is, her eyes were not shining with excitement but with tears. Holmes is dead, Lestrade thought for the fifth time as she stared outside her window to the stars of the late night at her home. The lights were not even on because she was too depressed to switch on the lights when she came back that day. This time was for real, because she was with him when he died. She touched her bandage that wrapped around her forehead, then her right cheek (which was covered with a plaster) as she thought back the horrible accident that happened at that late morning....

'Lestrade, can't you drive faster? We're going to be late for Deidre's birthday party,' Holmes asked as Lestrade drove her hovercraft towards Deidre's house. Deidre was turning 13 years old and she invited the other Baker Street Irregulars, Watson, Holmes and Lestrade to her party. Watson went there first to help with the decorations and Holmes and Lestrade went later because they had another case.

'I'm driving as fast as I could and if I drive faster, you're going to complain about my driving again, so, no,' Lestrade replied. They went silent along the rest of the journey.

'All right, Lestrade, we're here; stop the hovercraft,' Holmes said after he saw the beautiful rows of flats.

Lestrade lowered the hovercraft. She hit the brakes; nothing happened. She hit them again, and again. Still, nothing happened.

'Lestrade, I said, stop the hovercraft!' Holmes said, louder this time.

'I know; something's wrong with the brakes!' Lestrade answered, then she looked forward with horror. A hovercraft was coming in their direction! Lestrade turned the steering wheel to her left and her hovercraft flew out of the drive and slammed headlong into a huge tree!

Because of the impact, Lestrade banged her head against the windscreen; then her head snapped back violently. She felt something hard and sharp cut her right cheek but she didn't care; she had to check Holmes first. Holmes' forehead was bleeding profusely and he was unconscious. Then everything went black.

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