Truth or Dare

Part B

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Scared yet? If not then...uh...never mind. Okay, now, where were we? Oh yeah....

"Forty-eight hours!" Everyone except Snape yelled.

Mary covered her ears and hissed at them to be quiet, that she didn't want anybody else to hear.

"Oh, that is one thing you do not have to worry about," Snape sneered at her, "Coming to a Muggle house we had to take precautions. Now we must find something to do to make the time go faster. Fortunately, I brought along Gryffindor fifth year Potions homework to grade." He grinned evily at Hermione, Harry and Ron.

"Hey!" they all three exclaimed, "Aren't you going to grade the Slytherins?"

"Why should I? They are always perfect. Now be quiet and let me concentrate or I'll take more than the one hundred points I've already taken from you." He made his way over to a corner of the room (it had been magically made larger) and began to work. Too bad that still left everybody else....

Then Mary got an idea. "What we need is a game that we can all play...."

Tennyson made a few noises on his keyboard and everyone except Mary, who couldn't understand, nodded.

"He said, 'How are we going to do that? Are there any games that have enough pieces?'" Deidre said at the look on Mary's face.

"Oh, it's called 'Truth or Dare'. It's a really fun game. We all sit around in a circle and take turns asking people 'Truth or Dare'. If they choose truth, then the person who picked on them asks a question and they must tell the truth. If they choose Dare then they have to go through with the dare or...or....declare their undying love for Mr. Wonderful over there."

Okay. Before I go any you really want me too? Let me know....

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