Truth or Dare II

Part Q

by Aralyn/Mary

yah...people often have the habit of disappearing when there are a lot of characters............and Snape had his turn...he got asked truth, though, 'cause Harry chickened out...*evil grin* after me, it's free for all, where we can ask whomever we want.....*giggles imagining Snape in that outfit* Oh man...I hope they do decide to go ahead and make book three...what I wouldn't give to see that outside my imagination....

Mary glared at Moriarty, as though daring him to do anything bad to her. The Victorian criminal merely smiled innocently. "Truth or Dare?"


Moriarty's face instantly changed from innocent to wicked anticipation. Slate and Hunter chose that moment to return, and Moriarty nearly cackled with delight.

"Very well, Mary," he drawled, "I dare you to have your own little ahem, snog session with the Hobbit. And no backing out on this dare. Someone's already done the alternative." Mary glared at him, her face a lovely puce shade (is puce lovely?) then grabbed Frodo by the hand and dragged him off to the handy dandy closet. (I like that closet)

"All right," Moriarty said, looking at the faces around him, "Lets say we play a more interesting game? Strip poker, anyone?"

Okies, Alex, that's my little bit...and a little bit it is too...I think maybe Rusty should 'accidentally' find the closet? Do you?

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