Truth or Dare II

Part P

by Alexandria

Part P! (or the thing that passes for it)

Pointless yes, but very fun! And please, call me Alex!

"ACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!" screamed Alex, flailing around.

"What's wrong?" asked several people.

"Draco bit me!" She glared at the ferret. Draco managed to look innocent even when he was a ferret. "For that, I think I'll shove you down the back of Ron's shirt," she threatened.

"Hey!" exclaimed Ron, looking extremely horrified by the prospect.

"All right, then, Ronniekins, I'll torture George instead."

"Nooooooooooo," the aforementioned twin groaned.

The ferret also looked terrified at this, and scampered back to Alex, and somewhat surprisingly, turned back into a human.

"Good boy, Draco. Although you _will_ have to wear that leather outfit later on. In public."

Draco looked stricken. "Awwww...the girls following me around are getting annoying."

"Don't worry, Dracie, I'll protect you." Don't be _too_ rough on 'em though, I've seen what you can do."

"Now that that's over with, can we get back to the game?" Frodo inquired restlessly.

"Frodo, you do have to admit these interruptions are quite amusing," says Sirius (just picking a person out of thin air. The Marauders seen to have disappeared. And Omar apparently got tired and went back to his dimension).

"Good. Moriarty, I dare you..." His eyes caught on Alex, who was frantically jumping around in the air to get his attention and transfiguring a piece of cloth into an extremely gaudy and tasteless dress, and another scrap into a poofy- haired wig. " dress up in the things Alex has gracious provided us, and...sing 'I'm a Believer' (you know, by Smash Mouth [newest recording anyway).

Moriarty looked disgusted, but as his only other option was to declare his love to a monkey, he complied.

"You know, he doesn't have such a bad voice!" commented Lestrade during the performance, trying to be heard over all the laughter that occurred from watching the spectacle.

Who's next, though? I think it's you, Mary, but where did Snape go? For a dare, how 'bout we also put him in a dress? Maybe the outfit from Book 3, with him in Neville's grandmother's clothes? :giggles:

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