Truth or Dare II

Part O

by Aralyn/Mary

Part uh....what's the letter that comes after N? O yeah....

Mary giggled. "Yeah...definitely..." Okay, since Hunter is missing...uh I guess Lestrade you get to ask Holmes now..."

Lestrade rolled her eyes. "Fine. Truth or Dare Holmes?"

Holmes shrugged. "Truth."

Lestrade's eyes gleamed with real pleasure. "Is it true that you were in love with Irene Adler?"

Holmes' face turned red, other than that he remained quite composed. "I was taken with her yes, that does not mean I was in love with her, however."

"What is it with you guys and evading questions like that. It gives you away quicker than if you said yes, and lets us know that the subject embarrases you," Mary said with a grin. "Go on Holmsie...get to it."

Holmes raised an eyebrow. "Very well, Watson, truth or Dare?"

"Oh," Watson answered, as though not entirely sure he wanted to go through this game. Slate and Hunter came out of the closet at that moment, both of their faces bright red, and Slate's glasses sitting skewed upon her nose. Noticing her disorientation, Moriarty moved over beside Mary with a wicked grin, and Slate sat beside Watson.

"Very well," Holmes said, kindly, "is it true that you were once Lestrade's partner?"

Everyone made a face at this. "Oh come on, Holmes, you can ask a better question than that!" Mary exclaimed, "Oh never mind."

Watson quickly answered yes, then turned to Slate. "Truth or Dare, madam?"

"Dare," Slate answered, looking in Dwayne's direction.

Watson noticed, and when everyone gave him the thumbs up, he dared her to go and what they were doing before. Hunter and Slate both stood up and walked over to the closet, Slate giggling like a school girl.

"Well!" Watson said, "Then I guess I ask you now, Moriarty. Truth or Dare?"

Your turn Alexandria....this is getting really really...uh...pointless...oh's supposed to be that way....

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