Truth or Dare II

Part N

by Alexandria

Five exclamation points are a sure sign of insanity!

At that particular moment, Alex and Draco came back from their violent snog session in the closet, as she seemed to always do when she came back from someplace. She looked very satisfied, albeit a little rumpled. She was carrying a white ferret, at which point the Weasley twins and Harry, Ron and Hermione all snickered. The others looked at them questionably. "One of our teachers turned Malfoy into a ferret and bounced around the dungeon in our fourth year. It was hilarious!" supplied Ron. "I like ferrets!" put in Alex, "they're cute!" She srolled over to Al, and whispered into his ear. He turned to her. "Alex, you naughty girl!" he exclaimed. She smiled. "Eh, it comes with growing up in New York City's public school system. Even the wizarding schools contain less than honorable language." She returned to her seat. "What? Continue!" she said, waving her hands to signal them to get back to whatever it was they were doing.

"All right, I dare you to ahhh.. have a passionate snog with Dr. Slate in that oh-so-handy closet. I'm begining to think that's the only reason we have that closet here, said Lestrade, with an absolutely straight face. Dwayne reddened until he was roughly the same color as Ron's hair, but complied, taking Dr. Slate by the arm and going to meet their fate.

"Come on, Lt. Dwayne, Dr. Slate, don't be embarrassed. we all know you have major hots for each other. Even the Gryffindors noticed," piped in Alex. She elbowed Mary. "It's a good thing Rusty isn't here, eh? There was kissing, and lots of it! And there will undoubtly be more!" she said almost disgustingly cheerful.

Ummm...over to you, Mary!

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