Truth or Dare II

Part L

by Alexandria

(that's the letter MY last name statrts with!)

Nice. I think Alex here is the same situation you're in, only I zapped myself into the Potterverse, so I know eveything as that I do in the real world. I'n honored that you'd see fit to include in your little plot. I love how you're writing me/Alex. Just like I would've liked! And can we jave a seen that involved Draco ending up in a pair of rather tight black leather pants and black leather jacket? And/or Al.

(said inbetween) "Now Frodo, that's not why I made them!" Alex pipes up. "Besides, I'm saving them." She looks over at Draco. She wiggles her eyebrows, looking over to Mary. "However, if you have more...recreational purposes in mind, I'd be happy to give one." Mary and Frodo both blush furiously. "Interesting shade of red, that. I think you've discovered a new color," Alex quips.

"Uh-huh...yes...oh, that's a great idea! Of course I'll help!" Alex whispers back to Moriarty. (what exactly is this about again, the thing with Lestrade and Moriarty and stuff? I'm too lazy to go back and check). "But can we continue this later? I have something to do," she says, dragging Draco from his chair. "Don't worry, Freddiekins, I'll be back!" she calls back cheerfully, as they exit the hall, heading for the nearby convenient closet she found earlier, and where Ron and Hermione had their own mad snog session a several minutes before.

Um, I think you'll have to write the bits with the SH22 caracters, as it's been ages since I've watched the show, and really have no idea who the other people are. On the other hand: Yay! I get my own mad snog session with Draco! :dances: :disappears so she can start it already:

Pulls out a pair of black leather trousers and a jacket of same color and material: "Oh, Draccie!" I call.

Al calls after me, "Tell me the details when you're finished!"

"Will do, Al!"

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