Truth or Dare II

Part K

by Aralyn/Mary

hey that's the letter my last name starts with!

Harry smiled, having already gone through this once, though he was a bit nervous as to what Alex might ask him or tell him to do. ", truth."

Alex grinned. "Very well...I dare you to...."

"Hey, I said truth!"

"Actually you said truth and dare, so I picked one. Now, I dare you to tell us who it is you have a crush on."

Harry glared at Alex and mumbled a name.

Tennyson sitting close to him nudged him in the shoulder. *beep, whirr...beep beep!*

Harry turned bright red and glared at the boy. "I said Cho Chang."

Draco burst out laughing. "Oh please, as if she could ever like someone like you, Potty....hahahahahahahah!"

A few seconds later Ron and Hermione came out of the closet, straigtening their clothes, their faces bright red. They sat down in their chairs, avoiding everyone's eyes.

Harry swallowed and looked over at Snape who was glaring holes at him. "Er...truth or dare,, Professor?"

Snape shrugged. "Truth."

"Is it true that..." Harry stopped and shook his head before asking that particular question. No one else knew about it, that Snape used to spy for Dumbledore. "Is it true that you, er...never wash your hair?"

"Twenty more points from Gryffindor! Of course I wash my hair! You hoverboy, truth or dare?"

Tennyson glared at the man.

"I think Tennyson gets to go ahead and ask're being rude slimeball," Mary said. Ron, Harry and Hermione grinned.

Frodo hit Mary in the arm. "Ow! what was that for?"

"For being rude yourself."

"Oh yeah! Hey, Alex, pass me some of those bunny brownies. I'm gonna shove them up...mmph!"

Frodo quickly clapped a hand to her mouth. "Now now, Mary, this is a PG fic, remember?"

Slate looked across the table at Dwayne, who seemed to be following all the action with amusement. Who would have thought that a simple wish for something to happen could turn into this? She frowned when the man -- Moriarty? -- next to her stood up and walked over to Lestrade. The two of them again held a whispered conference, then Moriarty walked over to Alex and whispered into her ear.

(Okay, after we get through everyone once, it's free for all! This is really fun!)

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