Truth or Dare II

Part I

by Aralyn Brandybuck

I could have sworn this got posted before...oh well...I'll just have ta write it again... I just figured you'd do something like that (in answer to your question)

George thought for a moment then, "Okay, er...have you ever been skinnydipping? Details please." (I got this one from that truth or dare Jenga game...sorry but ideas are running out...)

Sirius grinned. "Well...let me see there was that time...."

"WAIT!" Mary yelled, "This is a pg fic so...don't go too into detail."

Sirius deflated a bit. "All right, last year after the start of the year feast, I snuck out with a certain young Ravenclaw and...well, the lake was cold but it was worth it."

Alex glared over at Sirius. "What young Ravenclaw?"

Sirius backed away from the table a bit towards (darn I forgot whether it was James or Remus next to Sirius, oh well...) James. "Er...hehe...Truth or Dare, James?"

"That won't work, Deidre! She'll catch on in no time!" Lestrade suddenly cried out. She smiled at everyone as they all turned to look at her. "Carry no attention to us..."

Mary eyed them suspiciously, but didn't say anything.

"Truth," James said with a wave of his hand.

Sirius grinned. "Is it true that you sent that card that turned into a bouquet of flowers, that no one could figure out who sent it, to Lily?"

James made a face. "And if it is?

Sirius and Remus both crowed. "Ha! We knew it!"

James just shook his head. "It isn't as if I made a big secret out of it...Remus, truth or dare?"

(I seem to have forgotten the order I have my people in...oh wait I remember would be Hermione on Remus' other side, then Ron, then Harry, then Snape, then Tennyson, then Wiggins then Deidre then Lestrade then Holmes, then Dwayne, then Watson then Moriarty, then Slate and then Me and Frodo. I think...)

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