Truth or Dare II

Part H

by Alexandria

Ooooo, nice dare! Just what I would do. (Where did you get it though? Is it my portrayed personailty? I just seem like a person that would say that?). Although Deidre would've had to battle me to get to it! But as I'm sitting next to him anyway, and I saw my own share of action with Draco, it's fair.

"There's one thing I'd like to know," George asked. "How in bloody hell did you ever pull off..."

He was interrupted by a loud *poof*! The two rabbits that were sitting on Alex's lap chose that moment to turn back into people. Al managed to get away ("That girl is insane!"), although there was quite a struggle, but she managed to keep Fred.

"I never envisioned myself siting on the lap of a teenage girl. The other way around yes, but nothing like this. And I'm the one with a girlfriend!"

"Well, what Angelina doesn't know won't hurt her," Alex said, grinning wickedly. "Let's find a nice, secluded place later on, shall we?" Fred's ears went red, matching his hair. (I don't precisely know if the twins also do that, but eh, for entertainment purposes!).

Err, I have no ideas at this point for what George was going to say. It's sorta late and my mum wants me to go to sleep. So over to you, Mary. (Maybe Jill can show up, and have a nice snog with Al ^_^). Order update: Al is sitting in between Matt and Alex. I wouldn't have it any other way, really. ^_~

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