"The Tour"

Part 4

by Angel (aisumitsukai at home.com)

Here we go!

*Duck and cover everyone! Badfic coming up!*

By request our brave, stout-hearted hero-

*Oh, shut up!*

Hey! I like doing that! Anyway, Holmes and Co. are, by request, going to read 'My Lovely MST'. Along with *ME!*, Angel, Mary and Joanne! Mwa hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!

*She's been working on her laugh!*

HOLMES: Let us read 'My Lovely MST'. Maybe it will be more entertaining then the last story.


MORIARTY: *he was too busy moping to bother answering.*

*They read the first two chapters.*

HOLMES AND LESTRADE: Ohhhhhhh my.....

MORIARTY: Yuck! What a terrible story!

MARY: Hey! I'll have you know that Frodo and I wrote that!

ANGEL: Lesson number one! Never insult Frodo within a fifty-mile radius of Mary! They're like Holmes and Lestrade...obviously in love, but still in denial.


*C.D.*: *Smooth move, Angel.*

ANGEL: *sweatdrops* Uhh....

JOANNE: No, no. What she MEANT to say is that unlike Holmes and Lestrade, who are in denial...

*Lestrade gives patented death glare*

JOANNE: ...Erm, ah, Mary and uh, Frodo are just friends! Yeah, that's it!

ANGEL: *Nods vigorously*

LESTRADE: Grrrrrrrrrr....

HOLMES: Really, how mistaken can you girls become! Lestrade and I are co-workers and nothing else!

LESTRADE: *looks slightly hurt*

HOSTESSES: Riiiiiiiight! Whatever you say, detective-boy!

HOLMES: *looks non-plussed*

MORIARTY: Can we get back to the story?

MARY: I thought you said you didn't like it? Hmmmmm....

MORIARTY: It's better than listening to Holmes and the yardie flirt.

LESTRADE: It's turning out to be one of those days...

HOLMES: I must concur.

LESTRADE: Actually agreeing with me? Wow, there's a first. *says this in her usual >couldn't care less< way*

MORIARTY: If we could move ON!?

LESTRADE: Geez! Sure! Don't go all uptight on us!

*They finish the story*

LESTRADE: I am scarred for LIFE! How COULD you write that! That is just wrong on SSSSOOOOOOOOOO many levels it's not even funny! A make-believe friend named bubld-- you're insane!

HOLMES: *Shudder, shudder, twitch* I got married to Moriarty!

MORIARTY: Oh, my God...where's the phone!? I need to 9-1-1!!!!!! Actually, no, wait! I like that story! I get to make fun of Holmes AND marry Lestrade! Yeah!

MARY: Well, actually that part was an accident....

ANGEL: Wow! Mary! You've really got Lestrade's responses down pat!

MARY: I always knew I was a great writer!

*C.D.* AND JOANNE: *roll eyes*

MARY: Hey!

HOLMES AND LESTRADE: Scary, scary, scary! *shudder, shudder!*

There you go! I think I'm gonna end this in the next chapter. It's getting kinda repetitive. Send me ending ideas coz I'm outta them!

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