"The Tour"

Part 2

by Angel (aisumitsukai at home.com)

It was Chibi and the plot bunnies!
They banned together and forced me to write this!

(pt 2 of the tour)

Right! This ficcie is now called 'The Tour'
*co written by her-loving-twin C.D.(chibi devil)*

Loving? please! any way on with the ficcie!

So when we last left off, our intrepid heroes were going to the Character page. Little did they know that, not ONLY was there a link to the 'Whatever Remains' page, BUT ALSO Mary decided she wanted to be in this fic. So not only will Holmes and Lestrade have to put up with me (Angel), (*and CHIBI DEVIL! MWA AHAHAHA!*), they will have to deal with yet another H/L shipper:
*drumroll please!*
MARY! dun, dun, dun, DUN!

But this will all be good for their relationship, hopefully.
*It'll also be good for our reflexes and Lestrade's self control ^_~*

HOLMES: So this is the Character page. Whose section should we visit first?

TENNYSON: Beep, beep, whurrr-whir, beep!
*Could we see Deidre, Wiggins and mine first? My mom'll be here to pick us up soon.*

LESTRADE: Yeah. Sure. Personally I almost don't want to see my character page.

HOLMES: Mmmmmmmm.

DEIDRE: Well, actually I can't wait to see your character page!
*eyes get that evil glint*

ANGEL: Well, actually there isn't much H/L stuff on it.

MARY: Unfortunately! You two are SO cute!

*C.D.*: And Maureen likes Lestrade. Unlike like some people. So really there isn't much for you there, Deidre. Sorry!^_~


GREYSON: CUTE!? Oh god! This place is killing me! Ha hahahahahahahaahahahahah!

HOLMES AND LESTRADE: *sigh* Terrific! Now there's three of them.

MARY: Oh come on! It's not so bad!

LESTRADE:*evil glare*

ANGEL, MARY AND *C.D*: Gulp! Hehehe...gotta go! Bye!

MORIARTY: The nerve of those three! Lestrade is-
*Lestrade steps over to Holmes' other side*

MORIARTY: Erm, Lestrade hasn't got enough intelligence for Holmes to like her!

HOLMES: That didn't seem to stop you.

MORIARTY: So you DO LIKE her?! Ha!

LESTRADE: Excuse me?! I AM IN THE ROOM, YOU KNOW! Could you two at least TRY to talk about me like I'm a human being!?

HOLMES: *sigh* My dear Inspector-

LESTRADE: And who are you guys calling unintelligent?!



First they went to Tennyson's character page.

TENNYSON: Beep, whurr.*cool!*


HOLMES: Yes. Very nice indeed.

*C.D.*: I think that's the cutest picture, too!^_^

WIGGINS: 'attracted to Amanda' Hmmm...

TENNYSON: *blush*

MARY: Well, at least he's being somewhat mature about it! And seeing as he's eleven, that's very mature. Unlike a certain two people. *clears throat and glares at Holmes and Lestrade*

LESTRADE: *glares back*

GREYSON: *collapsed into hysterics*

WATSON: Oh my! I believe I'll take him down to hospital!
*leaves with Greyson slung over his back*

FENWICK: Hey! Wait for me! I don't want to be stuck all alone with these idiots!
*runs out after Watson*

Next they went to Deidre's page.

DEIDRE: Ooh! Awesome picture! Of course, it IS -me-!

WIGGINS:*rolls eyes*

DEIDRE: Hey! Look! It says right there! My name came from the most beautiful woman in Ireland's name! So there!

WIGGINS: Whatever!

TENNYSON: Beep, whuuuuuur!
*Oh, Deidre!*

DEIDRE: What do you mean 'Oh, Deidre'?!

*C.D.*: He means that some things just never change!

DEIDRE: Humph!

*C.D.*: Hey! Don't get me wrong! You're one of my favorite characters!


*C.D.*: Tennyson, you should really talk to Stacey! She loves you!


ANGEL: Don't worry, Wiggins! We all like you, too!

*Now Angel and me couldn't think of anything else to write so we went to Wiggins' page*

WIGGINS: Sweet page.


DEIDRE: You know what? I like this website.

MARY: Well, I should hope so!

FRODO: I'm confused. What IS going on?

MARY: Of course you're confused! You aren't supposed to be in this fic!


ANGEL: But you're so cute you can stay anyways!^_^

MARY: Hey!

ANGEL: *sweatdrop* Hehehe..erm, well, uh, coz MARY thinks you're so cute, you can stay. ^_^

ALL (except MARY who is nodding in agreement and *C.D.* who is shaking her head in exasperation):

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

MRS. FAYRE: Oh! Ah, hello! I've just come to pick up Tennyson and his friends.

HOLMES: Of course! Come in, come in!

MRS.FAYRE: Oh. Thank you but no. I've got a meeting to go to in seven minutes.

HOLMES: Aha. Goodbye, children.


MORIARTY: grunt.

ANGEL, MARY AND *C.D.*: Bye!!!

IRREGULARS: Bye! (Beep, beep!)

And so ends the next part of 'The Tour'! Hope you like it!

*Your hostesses would just like to remind you to wipe your feet before entering and that Only Holmes, Lestrade and Moriarty are now left in the ficcie! Bwa hahahahahahahah!^_~*

Erm, yeaaaah. And here I was, thinking that maybe *C.D.* wasn't so bad!

-Angel and *Chibi Devil*

And of course, thank you Mary!!!!^_^ and Maureen!!!0.o

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