"The Tour"

Part 1

by Angel (aisumitsukai at home.com)

This fic is dedicated to Maureen! Coz it's her wonderful website!

One day the sh22 cast was surfing the web. Don't ask. They found Maureen's site. Of course they had no idea they were part of a TV show. So, they decided to look around the site. Then they found the 'Whatever remains' page.

GREYSON: Ha ha ha hahahhahahahaha......... Oh, that's good! Hahahahahahahahah-

HOLMES AND LESTRADE: It's not funny!

ANGEL: No it's not! It's completely and utterly true!


ANGEL:^_^ *leaves before Lestrade can pulverise her*

DEIDRE: See!? See Wiggins! You owe me 20 credits! I TOLD you they were in love! There's proof! Ha!

WIGGINS: It's not proof! It's just that person's opinion!
* reads page * With a whole lotta evidence behind it....Damn!

TENNYSON: Beep, Whur!
*She used Holmes' own technique against him!*

HOLMES: Yes, her technique is good...


HOLMES: ...unfortunately her end result was way off.

ANGEL (and MAUREEN, if she could bear to be in such a terrible fic): Suuuuuuure! >sarcasm, sarcasm<

MORIARTY: This is ridiculous! I'm the one whose in love with Lestrade! er, I mean, good riddance!

LESTRADE: Ewwwwwwww! Get Moriarty AWAY from me!

HOLMES: This is going to be a long day...

WATSON: Maybe we should check out the message board?

HOLMES: A brilliant idea, my dear Watson! Let us do so right away!

So our favorite group went off to read the message board. Unfortunately they don't know about all the H/L shipper messages... Oh well! ^_^

FENWICK: Hey, this girl said she'd get me a new coat for Christmas!

WATSON: And I'd get a waterproof coating!

GREYSON: Hey, who're you calling 'too cheap?!' Hey! wait a minute! look at this! Holmes and Lestrade are getting mistletoe! Ha hahahahahahaha!


ANGEL: I thought it was the perfect gift!


ANGEL:Yup! Have fun my lovelies! *leaves*

DEIDRE: Ooooh nail polish!

LESTRADE: Hey look! besides mistletoe, I'm getting a submersible and any sharp/dangerous/high-tech/ high-speed object this girl comes across! OOOh!^_^

HOLMES: Uh, oh.

LESTRADE: Whaddya mean 'uh,oh'?

HOLMES: *with knowing smile* Oh, nothing.

LESTRADE: Whatever!

MORIARTY: Hey look I'm getting a hug! I don't want some girl I don't know to hug me! I want Les... Oops!

LESTRADE: *backs away behind Holmes and Watson* Scary, scary!

ANGEL: VERY scary!

LESTRADE: Well, at least we agree on something!

ANGEL: Oh, I think we agree on a lot of things. ^_~

LESTRADE: Grrrrr...

ANGEL: *leaves in a hurry*

TENNYSON: Beep, blip whuuuuuurr!
* I want to check out the character pages!*


There's the first part of my insane tour of Maureen's sh22 page ^_~


(If you would like to be part of this fic or have another place for the cast to tour, tell me!)

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