Time Trip

Part 9

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)



Two hours later, Lowe awakened; but he didn't want to open his eyes. He didn't want to see the world full of hovercrafts and stuff that he had never seen before. I'd rather be blind than living in this world without the people that I know, Lowe thought.

Suddenly he heard loud footsteps coming in his direction. He covered his closed eyes with his left arm to avoid being seen clearly by the person. Although he hated this world, he still didn't want people to see him lying on a bench, sleeping like a tramp. The footsteps stopped right beside him. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice. "Mr. Lowe, is that you?"

Lowe removed his arm and opened one eye at the person. To his great surprise, the person was the Second Officer Lightoller! And Murdoch, Wilde, and Moody were with him. Wilde was frowning at Lowe. Lowe sat up and looked around. He was not in New London anymore! He was back on the bridge, sitting on the deck. He stood up and brushed the dust away from the shirt that he was wearing while he was in New London.

"When am I?" he asked Murdoch.

"What do you mean when are you? Of course it is 1919, 19th of June. What day do you think it is? Christmas? Pancake Day?" Murdoch asked, confused.

"Where the hell have you been for the whole day and why are you lying around on the deck?!" Wilde demanded angrily.

Lowe backed away a little. "Err...well... I...er...." Lowe started.

"Oh, forget it. You will explain about your disappearance today to us tomorrow, Mr. Lowe," Lightoller said. Then he stared at Lowe's clothes from 2109. "What did you get these clothes from, Mr. Lowe?" he asked. Lowe couldn't answer. "Never mind. Just change your clothes back to your uniform and report back here ASAP immediately. Understand?" Lightoller asked. Lowe nodded. "Then go!" Lightoller ordered. Lowe ran off to the Officers' Quarters.

"Mr. Moody, follow Mr. Lowe and make sure that he doesn't run off again," Murdoch said to Moody.

"Aye, sir."

In his cabin, Lowe changed his clothes back to his uniform. As he quickly tied his tie, he heard a knock on his door. "Come in."

Moody came in, smiling. "Hi Harry, how was your trip to 2109?"

"Wait a minute, how do you know that? Could it be? Am I back or is this a dream or something? Jimmy... pinch me." Moody pinched his arm, hard. "Ouch! I am not dreaming! I am back where I belong!" Lowe gazed around in wonder at a very familiar room. "I am really back!" Tears of joy spilling freely down his cheeks. He suddenly hugged Moody.

"Hey, Harry! Stop it! Take it easy, man!"

Lowe let go Moody. "How did you know I was in 2109?"

"Simple, Sherlock Holmes told me."

"Yeah, right." Lowe rolled his eyes.

"It's true! He came from 2109. He said that you and he somehow changed places and time when you two fell asleep at the same time. Now he has disappeared and then you were found sleeping on the deck."

"Well... it may be possible," Lowe said slowly.

"MR. LOWE!! MR. MOODY!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING IN THERE FOR SO LONG????!!!" Wilde yelled from the bridge. Lowe put on his hat and rushed out of his cabin with Moody.

Lowe and Moody came back on the bridge. "Sorry that we are slow, Mr. Wilde."

"Whatever. You skipped two and a half shifts today. So I have no choice but to punish you to stay on watch until..." He looked at his pocket watch. "...9am." He held up his hand, as if to ward off objections. "After that, you will report to me about your disappearance. Any complaints?" Lowe shook his head. "All right, you may go now," Wilde said.

"Thank you, sir." Lowe walked to the bridge with his head down and started his watch.

When Moody went to him, Moody saw Lowe with his head still down, grinning. "Harry, what are you grinning at?"

"I have never been so happy to be punished. In fact, I think today is the most unforgettable day of my life."

"Well, it is unforgettable... hey, why don't you tell me what you did in 2109 after your watch and breakfast?"


Now you are back, I wonder did Mr. Holmes make it back in 2109.... Moody thought.

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