Time Trip

Part 7

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

2 pm

Holmes had finally finished his part-time job in the wireless room and was walking around the Boat Deck, carefully avoiding officers from the bridge. He didn’t want to be questioned by any of the unknown officers again. Then he waved at Moody, who waved back and walked towards him.

"How is your job, Mr. Holmes?"

"Fine. How is yours, Mr. Moody?"

Moody sighed. "Not really good, I was yelled by Mr. Wilde twice and I was busily worrying about you and Harry. Good thing that my shift is over."

"Mr. Moody? May I ask... who is Harry?"

"Oops, I am sorry. Harry, as in Harold Lowe, is the Fifth Officer of this ship. I heard from Charles, as in Mr. Lightoller, Second Officer of this ship, that he has been missing since 4am."

"4am? That’s when I came home and fell asleep in bed in 2109." Holmes thought for a while. "Is Mr. Lowe a night person, Mr. Moody?"

"Well... He is a night person. But sometimes I hear complaints from him that his mind doesn’t cooperate with him in early morning hours. He will fall asleep while he is doing his rounds even if he is standing."

Holmes thought deeply of Mr. Moody’s words. Then he looked up. "Mr. Moody.... I know this may sounds insane... but... I think Mr. Lowe is in 2109."

"What?!" Moody stared at him.

"Think about this, Mr. Moody. If Mr. Lowe fell asleep at 4am, then both Mr. Lowe and me would have been falling asleep at the same time. When I woke up, I was wearing his uniform. And Mr. Lowe was missing from this ship."

"Maybe you’re right." Moody threw his arms up. "God, this thing is getting weirder by a minute!"


Finally! There is something that I am familiar with! Lowe thought as he passed by a bookshop. He went in and began to browse the books. He looked at the titles on the shelves and read the titles silently. Very Annie Mary, Fred and Edie, Happy Now, Man and Boy, Wilde, Solomon and Gaenor, The Gathering, The Forsyte Saga, Black Hawk Down, Horatio Hornblower... Wait a minute! Jimmy -- Moody -- loved Hornblower, he thought as he removed the book from the shelf.

He looked at the book and felt a pang of loneliness. I wonder what Jimmy is doing right now? He shook the thought away. Since God wouldn’t let him go back to his own time, he might as well get used to this place and try to forget about Moody and the other officers.

Putting the book back on the shelf, he took another book off another shelf and opened it absently. He opened it and stared at the page that he had opened to. On the page, there was a picture of Moody. Lowe closed the book and looked at the title. The title read, The Pictorial Tour of Titanic. Lowe opened the book slowly again. On the first page, it was a picture of Titanic in 1912. Lowe turned the page. On the second page, there was a picture of all of the officers, included himself. He looked at the faces in the picture and began to name them. Captain Smith, Chief Officer Wilde, First Officer Murdoch, Second Officer Lightoller, Third Officer Pitman, Fourth Officer Boxhall, myself, and... and... Sixth Officer Moody. He controlled himself from breaking down and turned to another page. The page contained pictures of the bridge. One of them had Moody in it. He was grinning at the camera. Another one had Murdoch and Lightoller sitting down on the chairs near the table in the Officers’ Mess. Lightoller was frowning at the camera and Murdoch was smiling.

Tears began to run down off Lowe’s face and he could barely see the pictures anymore. He couldn’t take it anymore. He tried to hide the loneliness away deep in his heart, but he couldn’t help it. "Are you okay?" a salesgirl asked. Lowe put the book in her hands and ran out of the store.

When he finally stopped running, he found out that he had arrived near the railing on the Thames. He leaned on it and looked at the river. He heard Big Ben ring six times. 6pm...usually that is the time for me to walk the rounds on the bridge, Lowe thought sadly. The thought of returning to his time made him wanted to cry again. He wanted to go home and see his wife. He wanted to hear James making jokes in the Officer’s Mess and the other officers’ laughter. He wanted to smell the salty sea air that he used to like and listen to Murdoch talking about his wife. He wanted to go back to his time. But how?

Tired of crying, he walked to the bench near the railing, laid down on it and fell asleep without even bothering to wipe the tears off his handsome face.

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