Time Trip

Part 6

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

10 AM

Maybe I should work for some money. Then I can use it to buy something to eat, Lowe thought as he passed by a café. He looked at a paper stuck on the café door: Waiter needed. Age: 18 and above. Lowe smiled and decided to give it a shot. How hard can it be to be waiter? he thought. He entered the café and asked one of the waiter where the manager was.

Two minutes later, he was sitting in the manager’s office. "So... Mr. Lowe, are you sure that you want to work here as a waiter?" she asked.

"Well...err...yes. I am quite interested." And it is the easiest job I can try for, he thought. He straightened his shoulders and gave her a dazzling smile. The manager blushed. "Beside, it would be quite interesting to work in such a wonderful café as yours, miss," he said sweetly.

"....Great, then. We’ll do the paperwork right now. All I need to see is your Social Security card, previous employer, a bank reference, and proof of citizenship. Is that okay?" she asked. Lowe gave her a blank look. What did she say?

Five minutes later, Lowe was wiping a café table, wearing a white strip shirt with black pants. He'd managed to lie to the manager that his card, bank reference, blah, blah... had been lost. But he didn’t think it was only the story that did it. He stopped wiping for a while and looked at the two young ladies sitting at the next table. Once he got the both of them to look at him, he flashed them the same dazzling smile that he'd used just now. They blushed. Yes, that’s why I could get this job.

He finished wiping the table, walked to the ladies, and smiled at them again. "May I get you anything, ladies?" he asked, taking out a notebook with the names of the food that they have in the café and a pen that were been given to him by the manager.

"Err...triple-layer chocolate cake with a side order of vanilla pudding and a fudge brownie," one said.

"I’ll have two scrambled eggs, toast. And a fruit salad," the other one said.

As Lowe wrote down the orders, he began to think, What sort of food are those? "I’ll be back with your orders. Please wait." He smiled and went to turn in their orders.

As he walked away, he heard the two ladies saying, "See that, Elizabeth? The waiter smiled at us! He looks so cute. Don’t you think that he has the most beautiful brown eyes?"

"Jessica, he smiled at us because he is supposed to; that’s his job. Besides, he’s too old for you." Lowe rolled his eyes.

When it was 2 pm, Lowe finally finished his part-time job, changed his clothes that contained a 50-dollar and a 10-dollar bill in the pocket as a salary, and was sitting in a coffee shop, eating an apple pie.

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