Time Trip

Part 4

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

I still have not thought of a title yet... any ideas?


Lowe finally stopped running after running for a few minutes. Where am I? he asked himself for the second time. As he was trying to catch his breath, he heard faint voices above his head. For the first time of the day, he looked up. His brown eyes widened in horror and tried to stop himself from screaming like a lunatic. My God! Motorcars are actually flying in the air! What is this place?! he thought. He was so busily looking at the hovercraft that he didnít notice one coming his way.

He finally noticed the hovercraft and jumped out of the way as fast as he could. The driver stopped his hovercraft in the air, peered out of the window, and yelled: "Look where you are going, idiot!"

Despite his fear, Lowe yelled back in anger, "Hey, I am standing here! Look where you are driving, you son of a gun!" He looked so dangerous that the driver quickly apologized in fear and drove off.

Lowe sulked for a while but then his fear came back. He didnít know where he was. As if right on cue, he found a newspaper sticking out of the dustbin. He snatched the newspaper out and looked at it. He stared at it in shock. It read: NEW LONDON TIMES, 19th of June 2109.

No, it is not true; I canít be transporting myself 200 years into the future... I must be dreaming.... Lowe thought. Slowly he pinched his arm hard. "Ouch!!!!" He rubbed his sore arm. All right, so I am not dreaming. He threw the newspaper back into the dustbin and started walking aimlessly. What am I going to do?


Moody put down the book on his bed. "It canít be. This book was published years before I was born... All right, I believe that you are Sherlock Holmes and you come from.... when?"

"2109," Holmes answered.

"Right, 2109... It is quite hard to believe...." Moody said slowly. Then he remembered something. "Sorry, Mr. Holmes, but I forgot to introduce myself. I am James Paul Moody. Sixth Officer of this ship." He held out his hand.

Holmes took his hand and shook it. "Well, you know me. May I ask you where I am?"

"The unsinkable Titanic, Mr. Holmes. And you are in the year 1919," Moody said proudly.

"1919?! Oh no... what am I going to do?" Holmes groaned.

Moody looked at him helplessly. "I am sorry, but I canít help you, Mr. Holmes." Moody looked at his pocket watch. "Oh no, look at the time. I need to go for my rounds. Maybe you should stay here, Mr. Holmes. I will come back four hours later and we will try to figure this thing out."

"Right." Holmes said slowly.

Moody opened his door and looked out. He didnít saw anyone outside. "Well, see...." Moody started when he heard Mr. Wildeís voice.


"I AM COMING, SIR!" Moody yelled back. Then he turned to Holmes. "See you later, Mr. Holmes." He closed the door.

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