Time Trip

Part 3

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)


Lowe came out from the door of the room that he woke up in quietly and looked around. Looks like nobody lives here, Lowe thought.

Then he heard, "Holmes? Are you all right, I heard you yelling...." Lowe turned around and his mouth hung open. Why does this man have metal attached to his body? The man (Watson) stopped in his tracks. "Who are you?!"

Lowe started to panic. He looked around quickly and saw that the room he had just stepped out of had its window open. He ran towards the window, ignoring Watson’s cry to stop, and stepped out on the ledge. He jumped down to the ground and started running.


Holmes ran through an open door near the bridge and closed it. He looked around and noticed that the door led to a long corridor with three doors on either side of its walls. He was totally lost. He don’t know which room to go into. He began to hear voices outside the door on the bridge.

"Are you sure you saw him going through this door, Charles?"

"I am damn sure."

Holmes cursed quietly and decided to go into the last room on the left. He opened the door, ran into the room, and closed the door. He managed to catch his breath for a while. Then he saw an officer with light brown hair, sitting on a chair staring at him.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my room, sir?" the officer asked in bewilderment.

Holmes was just about to respond when he heard a voice outside the room saying: "Search every single one of the rooms, gentlemen! Murdoch, search Mr. Lowe’s room too!" Holmes dived under the officer’s bed and hid himself there. He didn’t want to be punished as a stowaway!

"Sir...." the officer had started when the one of the officers opened his door. The officer stood up. "Good morning, Mr. Wilde," the fair-haired officer said as he touched his hat.

"Morning, Mr. Moody. Have you seen a man wearing an officer suit around here?" Wilde asked.

"If you are not talking about us, sir, then no," Moody answered quickly.

"Well then... never mind. Are you ready for your rounds, Mr. Moody?"


"Hurry up then."

"Yes, sir. See you later, sir."

Holmes heard the door opened, closed and a voice saying: "All right, you can come out now." Holmes crawled out beneath Moody’s bed, stood up, and brushed his suit.

"All right, may I ask again, who are you and where do you come from?" Moody asked.

Holmes bowed. "Sherlock Holmes at your service. I come from New London of 2109."

"Yeah, right, and I am King James IV," he replied, rolling his eyes.

"It is true," Holmes protested.

Moody folded his arms, thought for a while, and snapped his fingers. "I think I have a book on Sherlock Holmes somewhere...." He turned around and opened his drawer of the table beside his bed, and took out a few books. He threw book after book on his bed after he read the titles. "No... no... no, not this one... Aha! Oh my God!" Moody looked at a book in his hand in horror. Slowly, he turned the book around. On the book cover, there was a picture of Sherlock Holmes, who looked exactly like the one standing in front of him.

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