Time Trip

Part 2

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

Lowe opened his eyes and felt the sunlight shining on his face. Is it morning already? Oh no! I had slept for four hours! Lightoller is going to kill me! Then he felt something soft under his back. When did I lie down? He sat up. I am not on the bridge anymore! He looked down and noticed his officer suit had changed into a pale yellow shirt with a deep red waistcoat and tight pants. He looked around. "WHERE THE HELL AM I?!"

Holmes opened his eyes and yawned. He frowned. Something was wrong. He looked down and noticed that he was wearing a navy officer suit. And he was wearing an officerís hat. He began to look around. He was standing on the bridge of a ship! Did I come here while I was asleep? But I am not a sleepwalker.... Holmes stood straight and began to think deeply.

"Mr. Lowe? Is that you?" A deep voice interrupted his thoughts.

"No...." Caught off-guard, Mr. Holmes stood still.

Before he could do anything, he was face to face with a stern-looking officer with blue eyes. "Wait a minute. You are not one of our officers, and I am almost certain that we donít have any crewmen with blond hair here. Who are you, may I ask?" Before Holmes knew it, he was running away from the officer. "Stop!" The officer yelled and began to blow his whistle.

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