Time Trip

Part 1

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

The good thing is, Titanic didnít sink!


Fifth Officer Harold Lowe of the ship RMS Titanic yawned as he was trying to keep his eyes open. His mind must have hated him to be on watch after midnight at 4am. He felt so sleepy that he could not wait for his four-hours shift to be up. He looked into the bridge. The Second Officer, Lightoller, was working in the Chart Room. Lowe walked up to the railing of the bridge and looked into the chart room again. Good, Lightoller couldnít see him from his position in the chart room when Lowe was standing near the railing. Lowe looked around, put his arms on the railing and let his right hand support his head. Just for one minute, then back to work before Lightoller notices. Lowe told himself as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Sherlock Holmes tossed his Inverness, his deerstalker hat on the floor and sat down on his bed with a smile of satisfaction. The case that he had three days ago was hard. But he solved it an hour ago. He flipped over on the bedspread, completely comfortable in spite of the fact that he was still fully dressed and wearing his shoes. A moment later he was sound asleep.

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