Les Klinger's chronology table follows Baring-Gould and includes separate 'tracks' for various characters, some guy named Arthur Conan Doyle, and contemporary world events.

My chronology table below includes some events (Holmes and Watson's births) which also come from Baring-Gould or Sherlockian figuring and not from the stories. (Can we say fanfic? I knew you could....) Chronology is a game that everyone can play, so pick your own dating.

1649: A 'comet' is seen in the 'constellation of Apollo' which is thought to be a portent of doom..
(Ten to one, this is all some elaborate Watsonian cover-up designed to save Holmes from getting sued by the 'Musgraves'. I'd look toward Halley's Comet or the Wold Newton families, myself.)

1852 or so: John H. Watson is born.

(January 6?) 1854 or so: Sherlock Holmes is born.

1880 or so: Holmes begins his work as a consulting detective.

1881: Young Stamford introduces Dr. John H. Watson to Sherlock Holmes at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Holmes greets Watson with the famous words "You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive."
A Study in Scarlet

May 25, 1891: Holmes and Moriarty go over the Reichenbach. ("The Final Problem". Date from FALL.)

1894: Holmes returns to Baker Street. ("The Adventure of the Empty House")

1903: Holmes retires to "the little farm of his dreams" on the downs of Sussex, where he keeps bees.

1912-1914: The latest known adventure of Holmes and Watson, "His Last Bow", occurs on the eve of Britain's entry into World War I. Watson re-enters the army as a doctor.

2073 or so: The Earth Sentinels, a militant environmentalist group, split up after their campaigns prove largely unsuccessful. Grimesby Roylott quarrels with his friend Horace Chapman's plans to preserve nature by creating new species which adapt to present conditions, while Chapman was offended by the imprisonment of animals in the London Zoo, which Roylott took over. (SCAL)

2079 or so: 25 years before GLOR2, a prison transport shuttle headed for the lunar penal colony is hijacked by the prisoners, who abandon the shuttle and its crew to drift. Nobody knows how it was done or what happened to the escapees.

2083: Sholto Sr. takes over a Copernican jewel mine after his partner Philip Morstan is declared dead. (SIGN2)

2093: Experiment 389X4 fails, and Biotech scientist Victor Morris suffers permanent genetic damage due to sabotage (CROO2). Tech Saboteur founder Dr. Joseph Dunsmere dissolves his terrorist group dedicated to stopping the integration of automatons (robots) into society, then disappears along with his brother Elias and a cyber-nest of micro-ticks (FIVE2).

2098: Cubbitt Farms is founded. (DANC2)

2102: Tucson resident Kelsey James' parents die in the Shuttle 2000 Tragedy. (No word on whether she's related to 20th century physicist and detective Austin James, whose exploits were seen on the show Probe.) (HOUN2) Elsie Cubbitt leaves the lunar rebels because she feels they are too violent. She flees the Moon, changes her name and fakes her past, then meets and marries Hilton Cubbitt of Cubbitt Farms. (DANC2)

March 25, 2103: Western Easter, according to the Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar page.

May 25, 2103: Inspector Beth Lestrade recognizes Moriarty driving a fleeing hovercraft. She captures Fenwick and tracks his movements once back out in the world, including his theft at the Baker Street Museum. Lestrade tries but fails to persuade Grayson that Moriarty is loose in modern day New London. She then proceeds to recover Holmes' casket from storage at a New Scotland Yard warehouse. (FALL)

May 26, 2103: Lestrade persuades Nobel-winning biologist Sir Evan Hargreaves to revive Holmes, begins Holmes' remedial studies, blackmails Chief Inspector Grayson into accepting Holmes' aid, formally introduces Holmes to Watson the compudroid, and instructs Watson to study his namesake's journals. Holmes and Lestrade follow a crypnotized subject, narrowly escape a car accident, and battle Moriarty but fail to prevent his escape. All in a day's work for our happy little Yardie. Also, the Galileo City Resort opens. (FALL)

June 15: Holmes returns to the Reichenbach with Lestrade and Watson to prove to her that Moriarty is dead and buried. Upon returning to New London, they begin to investigate the 'crime riot' which has occurred during their absence. Holmes and Lestrade meet Wiggins, Deidre, and Tennyson, who will later become the new Baker Street Irregulars. (CRIM)

Kelsey James, Benjamin Jessup and Troy Winslow IV's shredded spacesuits are found on the Moon's surface. (HOUN2)

next day Lestrade, Holmes, and Watson foil Moriarty's plans for Galileo City. (HOUN2)

RESI2 takes place? (British and production number airing order) Wiggins is in school....

July 10: Watson witnesses the 'death' of Holmes and Moriarty. (EMPT2)

July 11: News of their deaths proves premature. (EMPT2)

CROO2 takes place. Lestrade is temporarily unemployed.

DERA takes place (American airing order)

August 12: Genie Tech Industries is burglarized and biochips are stolen. (SCAL)

August 13: Lestrade, Holmes and Watson begin investigating the Genie Tech Industries break-in. (SCAL)

SIGN2, DANC2 and MUSG2 take place? (In MUSG2, there are still green leaves on the trees in the graveyard.)

SUSS2 takes place. (Well, it's pretty cold and it seems like Halloween. I refuse to believe it happened in August, even in chilly and damp New London, unless they had another Ice Age.)

December 24: Lestrade brings Holmes an abandoned blue Carbuncle doll. (BLUE2)


SILV2 takes place, as does the Asteroid Belt Grand Prix the day afterward.

FIVE2 takes place, sometime in the spring after the leaves come out on the trees. The stormy weather may indicate March or April -- although I suppose there could be leaves out in January or February if it was a warm winter, or if current climate warming has continued.

REDH2 takes place. The weather seems fine. Hopefully, this takes place the same month as FIVE2.

On the 27th day of fog in London, Neville St. Clair is reported killed. The case is unsolved.

April 13: Western Easter, according to the Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar page.

TWIS2 takes place on the 63rd and 64th day straight of fog in London. This could take place anywhere from April to June.

BERY2 features a female prime minister who gives birth to triplets.

SECR takes place during the temperate months, on a Sunday. We don't see the prime minister, but he's referred to as 'he' and has African dolls on display. New Scotland Yard's Widows Fund is in need of money. Lestrade makes a bid for a submersible cruiser.

MAZA2 takes place in April according to Holmes, who wouldn't wear a carnation then (or in any other month). The prime minister is old, silly, and male. He is skeptical of Holmes' powers.

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