Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 6

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

A/N: Heh, this is really hard for me, because I'm very much H/L and it's been a while since I read the Russell series....So if anyone wants to jump in and help that's fine by me...

Lupin grinned at his two companions as they made their way down a dirt lane. It wasn't that the escape had been easy -- no, it had been quite difficult. So much so that they had almost been killed. However, once Lupin had figured out that whoever had placed those guards and traps around knew they were dealing with someone with above-average intelligence, it had been a simple matter to bluff his way out. Overestimation could be as much a handicap as underestimation.

"I don't see what you're so happy about. We're still in our skivvies," Jigen grumbled.

"Have faith, Jigen, my friend. It's all a part of my plan."

"And leaving the gems behind was a part of your plan too?" the marksman questioned grumpily. "I think you've really lost it this time. We have no idea where we are...."

"Sure we do. We're on the country lane that leads up to the main road."

"...or what we're dealing with," Jigen continued, "and yet you're still confident that we'll come out on top?"

"Of course."

Jigen groaned and slapped his forehead. Goemon, who had been silent the entire time simply shook his head. "Lupin's plans often do pan out. As long as Fujiko isn't around."

"See! And there is no possible way Fujiko could be around." Lupin sighed softly and shook his head. "And it's such a shame, too... she'd have enjoyed the future, I think..."


"So, they were telling the truth?"

Lestrade stared at the other woman in disbelief.

She had come in to find that Holmes and Watson had both left to investigate something the Irregulars had found, leaving Mary behind -- she had wanted to study some more on the changes that had occurred since she last remembered. The two of them had begun talking, first about Lestrade's frustration with the jewel thefts, and then about Greyson's odd behavior and her strange daydreams. Finally, somehow, she had told the other woman everything about what she recalled of her past.

After a few minutes of checking -- Lestrade had always been afraid to -- everything she feared was confirmed.

"It isn't so bad, Beth," Mary was quick to reassure. "After all, it's all in your perspective. Besides, according to all this, Greyson's rather more to blame than you."

Lestrade sighed, and then nodded, determined. "You're right. I deserve some sort of explanation. It's no wonder he wouldn't let me sleep; he was afraid I'd remember."

"But you don't really remember, do you?"

"No...but he won't know that...."


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