Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 5

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

The older man gave him a hard look, made more effective by the fact that there was no fedora to hide his expression. "Try me."

Lupin sighed gustily. "Okay, but let's wait ‘til Goemon wakes. This is something that should be told only...Oh, good morning, Goemon. Or evening...or...."

"Lupin...." Jigen groaned.

Goemon smiled at his younger friend. "It seems that you are trying to forestall the inevitable, Lupin," he noted with a raised eyebrow.

With a resigned shrug, Lupin spat it out. "We’ve ended up a hundred years after we were supposed to have awoken. More than a hundred, if the settings can be believed."

"Damn," Jigen muttered.

Goemon remained stoic, his expression unreadable.

"Yeah," Lupin agreed, "But on the bright side, we still have the gems. Even in the future I’m sure we’ll find buyers and...."

"Lupin, we don’t even know what laws have changed," Jigen interrupted, "There may not even BE any laws...or human life, besides us."

Despite the fact that he had been thinking along those same lines only moments ago, Lupin still felt indignant. "Oh, come on, Jigen. Don’t you have imagination? Besides, that equipment looks a lot more sophisticated than anything we had in our time."

"You are both right," Goemon decreed, sensing a brewing argument, "We should proceed with caution."

Lupin pouted for a moment, but brightened immediately. "Right. And the first order of business is to get ourselves outta here."

Jigen cleared his throat. "Don’t you think we should make getting some clothes our first order of business?"

"Well," Lupin said with a mischievous grin, "If there’s no other human life, being in our boxers shouldn’t matter, should it?" He had to duck the punch Jigen threw his way, but he was still in high spirits. Except for one small thing at the back of his mind that he refused to question.


"Another theft?"

The constable who had been questioning the owner of the jewelry store jumped, making Lestrade smile. She wasn’t really sadistic; she just liked knowing people feared her. At least just a little.

"Yes, ma’am," Harris answered, having regained his composure. He pointed towards the decrepit old man who owned the shop. "He says more was stolen than what was found on Jack."


"Yeah, the guy who robbed the place. We caught him just a few minutes ago."

Lestrade nodded and told him to carry on as she walked purposefully around the store. This was the fifth robbery in as many weeks, and each one committed by a different specialty of thief. They were all wanted in several countries and the best at their jobs, which is why they hadn’t been caught before. And yet, in the past few weeks, a little while after each theft had been committed, they had each been caught.

Another similarity about the cases were the missing diamonds. Each thief had been caught with the finest emeralds, rubies, and other precious stones, but no diamonds. The strangest part was that apparently the thieves didn’t remember stealing anything but what they were caught with. But that couldn’t be true, if the diamonds were also missing. Could it?

Lestrade sighed and rubbed her temples as she felt a major headache coming on. She’d be willing to bet that Moriarty was behind all this somehow, but couldn’t figure out why he wanted just the diamonds. In nearly all the cases, the diamonds were of poor quality, at least for selling. She groaned and left the store, after leaving Harris in charge -- which he already had been before she interrupted.

She had had too much sensory input over the last few days, and she realized that she really needed to get some sleep. Not just the occasional cat-nap that she took while she was on a case, but a good eight hours worth. Unfortunately, every time she found the time, the chief would be calling and having her do something else. It was almost like he didn’t want her to go to sleep, but that was ridiculous.

To her great surprise, she found herself standing on the steps to Holmes’ flat. It really shouldn’t have been a surprise; she often came here when she was worried, even if it was just to have some tea with Watson. Tea sounded very good to her at the moment and she smiled, glad that her subconscious was doing something right at least, and walked up to the door.

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