Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 3

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

Lestrade smiled politely as Deidre's mother attempted to make small talk, while her uncle was pouting. Apparently, Mrs. Morgan was of the same opinion as Wiggins about the quality of the Mystery Theater Dinners and had prohibited this night's on account of an important guest being over. Jack Morgan soon got over his little 'tiff', however, when Wiggins mentioned boxing, and the two of them spent the rest of the evening discussing the finer points of the sport.

Deidre didn't seem to care either way, as long as she was able to eat -- and talk. Lestrade, for the most part, tuned everyone out and mumbled monotone responses where she felt they were necessary. But her mind wasn't on where she was at...for the third time that day.

They couldn't have been right, she told herself, because then Greyson would have been lying. And why would he do that?

Why are you having these dreams and odd memories, then? a snide little voice asked.

Because of what they had told her...because she was human and her mind would do things like that...right?

Right, she answered herself firmly. Right, because she couldn't believe she was from another century...no matter how plausible they had made it sound. After all, cryogenic technology had only been a science fiction ploy then. Besides, she didn't remember any specific details...just vague images that could be from her past...which didn't have to mean that her past rested in the very past....

It was at that moment that she realized everyone at the table was staring at her. She flushed red, but otherwise pretended that nothing was amiss.

"Sorry. I've had a lot on my mind lately. And thank you, Mrs. Morgan, this was an excellent meal. Sorry, uhm..Jack?..that I couldn't be a part of the theater thing that you planned. Anyway I've got to go. Bye, Deidre; bye, Wiggins." She stood and exited as fast as she could.

Letting herself into her apartment, she nearly cursed when she remembered that she had forgotten about the Holmeses. But there was no need to have worried about that since they had already taken their leave. She threw herself down onto the couch and closed her eyes, willing herself to go to sleep before she confused herself even more.

It was twilight, her favorite time of the day. Everything seemed surreal, like when you're not asleep, but you're not awake and everything's hanging on a dream...it wasn't light...but it wasn't dark either....

She sighed and breathed in the crisp fall air. Normally she'd be trying to come up with some way of outsmarting him...getting just one step ahead. But tonight, she figured she was already ahead. The joke was on him.

As darkness fell like a familiar blanket, she grinned and began making her way towards her destination. It would take her a little while to get there, but that was okay. She didn't want to get there too early...of course she didn't want to be too late either to savor his expression when he realized he'd been had....

There, it was just over the rise...she frowned slightly. Everything was too quiet. Surely she wasn't early? She caught a whiff of what smelled like gasoline and her frown deepened...then, and incessant beeping broke the calm of the night....

Lestrade jerked herself awake and glowered at the ceiling before sitting up and answering her vidphone.

Greyson's dour face glared back at her and she mentally sighed, wondering what she'd done this time. She wasn't even on duty!

"Lestrade, just what do you think you're about!"

"Why, hello, chief, how are you this evening?" Lestrade asked, mock-pleasantly.

"Don't play the innocent with me! It's one thing to bring back a dead detective...there's purpose in that. But his wife?!"

Lestrade groaned. "Chief...I don't think I want to know how you found out...but why shouldn't I have?"

"Because...because...you shouldn't just go about bringing people back to life just because they're there. It isn't done. I want you back to work first thing tomorrow. Where I can keep an eye on you."

Lestrade stared at the vidscreen in perplexity after he had signed off. "What was that all about?" she muttered. Oh well, at least now maybe she could get some uninterrupted rest. Hopefully.

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