Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 2

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

For the third time that day, Lestrade could only stare, speechless. The name Holmes didn't neccessarily mean anything, but it was a little bit too much of a coincidence. After all, how many people with that particular last name could there be that knew how to preserve themselves in honey?

"I don't suppose there's anywhere we could get anything to eat, is there? I'm rather starving."

Lestrade shook her head to clear it and smiled. "I'm sorry...it's just that...well, today's been a weird day. C'mon, and I'll introduce you to Deidre and Wiggins -- they're probably starved too -- and then uh...go from there."

Mary Russell Holmes nodded in satisfaction. "Good, and on the way you can explain a few things to me."

"And you can tell us more about you," Lestrade agreed.

A little while later Deidre, Lestrade, and Mary -- as she had told them to call her -- were sitting in Lestrade's living room. Wiggins had gone to get Holmes. Lestrade grinned as she anticipated the detective's reaction when he arrived.

"So, what was it like being married to Mister 'Olmes?" Deidre asked.

"Interesting," Mary said, "Actually it was like being with an old friend you knew you could always count on, no matter what."

"How very sentimental, Russell," Holmes commented from behind them. Wiggins grinned apologetically at Lestrade and gestured that it had been Holmes' idea.

Mary smiled up at him. "It's certainly nice to see you again, Holmes."


In the awkward silence that followed, Lestrade pulled Deidre and Wiggins after her out the door, saying she had something to do with them that they hadn't finished that day.

"Okay, so now what?" she asked once they were outside the apartment building.

"'ow should we know, you're the one who said we were doing something."

"We could always go play a little football...." Wiggins inserted.

"Are you sure you're all right, Inspector?" Deidre asked, ignoring Wiggins' suggestion, "I mean, with Mrs. 'Olmes and all?"

Lestrade blinked at the girl in honest surprise. "Of course. Why wouldn't I be? The one you should be worried about is Watson, though I don't think he'll mind much."

Deidre sighed and patted her hand. "It's okay...denial. I understand."

Again, Lestrade was reminded of someone who she just couldn't place. She pushed it out of her mind and rolled her eyes at the girl. "Deidre, I think you've been reading too many trashy romance novels."

Deidre blushed, and scowled up at her before grinning and shrugging. "At least I have some romance in my life."

"Deidre," Lestrade began warningly.

"Okay, okay...hey, I know! Why don't you guys come over to my place? It's Mystery Theater Dinner night and the more people, the more fun!"

Wiggins groaned. "The last time me and Tennyson came to one of those things, I ended up dead and Tennyson turned out to be the killer."

Deidre dismissed this, "Oh this one's gonna be different. My uncle has this really cool idea, 'cept 'e won't tell me what it is..."

Lestrade quickly headed off what she thought might become an argument by agreeing to go. "I've got two weeks vacation...forced...but anything right now has got to be better than sitting around doing nothing."

Wiggins gave a depressed sigh. "I have a feeling we're all gonna regret this."

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