Pyramus and Thisbe

Part 2

by Selene (sherlock2103 at and William Shakespeare

Scene 2

Selene: Okay, now where is the lion? Watson, bring the lion in, please

Beth: Oh yeah, there is supposed to be a lion in this scene....

Watson: (brings in a real male lion)

Lion: (gives a soft growl)

Selene: Cool!!

Beth: What?! Selene, do you want me to die in this movie? I will be eaten by that lion!

Watson: Don't worry, Lestrade, this lion is well-trained.

Lion: (goes to Selene and rubs its head to her like a cat)

Selene: (pats the lion) Good boy. Now go over there. (points at exterior of the set)

Lion: (strolls to the set)

Deidre: (goes to the lion with red paint in her hands) Don't move now. (paint the lion's mouth carefully to make it look as if the lion has eaten some bloody meat) Good boy.

Selene: Okay, Beth, you are on!

Beth: (stares at the lion for a while before she goes to the set)

Selene: Lights!

Lights: (dim and one of the lights shines softly)

Selene: ACTION!

Beth: This is old Ninus' tomb. (looks around) Where is my love?

Selene: Great, at least Beth could get that line right.

Watson: (whispers to the lion) OK, go.

Lion: (runs to the set and roars) O!

Beth: (screams) OH MY GOD!!! (drops her mantle and runs off the set)

Wiggins: Well roared, Lion!

Deidre: Well run, Thisbe!

Selene: Hey, be quiet!

Lion: (seizes the mantle with its mouth, tears it and shakes it)

Watson: (whispers) Boy, drop it!

Lion: (lets go off the mantle and walks off the set)

Selene: CUT! Good! Beth, you can come back now. Beth? Where did she go?

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