Ten Things to Show You're Obsessed

by Angel (aisumitsukai at home.com)

1. Get plastic surgery to look like your fav character.

2. Dye your hair after your favorite character, and dress up like them.

3. Bug all your relatives to watch SH22.

4. Throw a fit when they say they don't like it.

5. Send hate mail every day to Fox Kids.

6. Buy the tape even though it's in the wrong format. (If it's the right format watch it at least 22 times a day.)

7. Send Fox Kids (and any other kids' channel) more hate mail when they still don't play it.

8. Cover your wall with every single photo you can find of SH22.

9. Start a petiton to get SH22 back (I'm considering this).

10. Throw a huge fit and vandalize your living room when yu find out that the only ep you had taped got taped over by a baseball game. (You see why I'm not too fond of baseball. That was my fav ep!!)

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