Tennyson flying in his hoverchair
"Beep, whir!"

Tennyson is perhaps the most mysterious of the Irregulars. All we know about him is that he seems to be disabled in some fashion, that he has truly awesome computer skills, that he loves math and science (and reads journals for fun), and that he speaks with a beeping and whirring synthesizer which the Irregulars and Holmes can understand but I sure can't.

He also was strongly attracted to Amanda Wheelwright in SUSS2, and seemed to want to stay in contact with her.

Tennyson is an extremely skillful 'pilot' of his hoverchair. He sent it flying out over a large pit in MUSG2 to recover the Musgrave Sword.

As with the other Irregulars, we know nothing more about him -- not even his last name.

The poster says:
"....11 year old Tennyson, the math and computer whiz...."

The Study Guide says:
"Tennyson, an 11-year-old math and computer whiz, can't outsmart Holmes, though he likes to try."

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