It's the Truth, I Swear!

Part 7

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Heheh, I just got back from viewing Fremont Street and I was feeling inspired.

So far as Watson could tell, Sayn wasn't too bad a guy -- for a space pirate. In fact, the con was downright friendly, though Watson suspected that had to do with the fact that quite a few credits were involved. Still, it was better listening to his old 'war stories' than to Lestrade's growling every five seconds.

"So," Sayn laughed, "when Reece found out that it was me who was on his tail, he nearly had a heart-attack. And nearly killed me," he added as almost an afterthought, pointing at a scar on his neck.

"I can imagine his unhappiness with the situation," Watson responded. "Certainly no one enjoys practical jokes that can cause harm to another."

Sayn shrugged. "It's not fun then." He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his chin. "Hm...we should be almost know, I kinda like you. I mean, you're stiff and all that, but a good 'droid all the same. And..I kinda need a...copilot. Yeah, yeah!"

Sayn sat up abruptly, his dark green eyes sparkling. "You can learn how to pilot this freighter can't you? Good. Me and you can travel the length of the galaxy together. And once I've got you programmed with the necessary languages well...there won't be all the problems of misunderstandings that I come by in my line of work."

"Misunderstandings?" Watson asked, not at all sure he wanted to know.

"Oh you know, this is off-limits, I'm gonna kill you...those sorts of things. I wouldn't go into those off-limits areas if I knew I wasn't supposed to. I mean, really."

"Surely they have those things posted somewhere in common or another tongue." Watson had gleaned a few terms from the freighters computer. These were more...sentient seeming that the mainframes back home.

"Uh...well, uh...hey, I gotta check the readings. You just, um, sit back and relax here." Captain Sayn jumped up with alacrity, leaving Watson shaking his head. Once a con, always a con, he supposed.

Turning his head so that he could see inside the cockpit and out at the passing pinpoints of starlight, he wondered if Lestrade was okay. He could of course simply call her on the comm...but what if their persuers had it, and had a way of tracking the signal? No, he would simply have to wait for her to contact him. And hope that he survived his encounter with Captain Jack Sayn.


Lestrade continued to stand at attention as she waited for the three Jedi to finish talking amongst themselves, and fought not to snap at them to hurry up. It was insulting to be talked about as though she weren't even there, and she wasn't one to take insults lightly. However, these were extenuating circumstances. Nobody in their right mind challenged somebody who could toss you aside with just a thought.

Finally they finished and walked back over to her.

"Decided we have," Yoda said, his face serious, "that go with Master Kenobi you will."

"There is something wrong in the Force...a blankness, as it were," Windu added, "And therefore the only thing we know about you is that you are not with the Dark Side."

Lestrade snorted, "Yeah well, that's no big thing, I mean look at Palpatine." She abruptly bit her lip. She hadn't been going to say anything about least not until Palpy gave her no other choice.

All three masters' eyes narrowed at this.

"What do you mean?" Windu asked.

"Yes, Chancellor Palpatine may be an politician," Kenobi agreed, "But he's no Sith."

Yoda simply gazed at her.

She rolled her eyes. "Look, why else would the Trade Federation have picked Naboo? It isn't even a major trade world. And, why, directly after that, did Palpatine suddenly get 'elected' as Supreme Chancellor?

"The truth you speak," Yoda said quietly, "But circumstantial is the evidence. Review all the facts you must, before coming to a conclusion you can." The small master gave a decided nod.

Lestrade gave a small groan. "All right, it was in the movies I was telling you about, which....anyway, it doesn't matter. You'd really like Sherlock Holmes, you know. Now, do you still want me to go with Master Kenobi?"

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