It's the Truth, I Swear!

Part 6

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

"Perfect," Lestrade muttered as she ducked behind a pillar inside the building she'd crawled into, as a group of robed individuals both young and old walked by. Of all the many thousands (possibly millions) of places on the planet, the Jedi Temple would be the first one she came to.

After the group had passed, she hesitantly walked out. At least Palpy had been good enough to give her something that would help her blend in. Surely the Temple had visitors, considering that their Archives were some of the most extensive in the galaxy. And, even if she were in the wrong part she could always say she was lost, which was the complete truth.

Still, she kept her guard up. What if Palpatine had anticipated her escaping, and had planned on her coming here? In the movies he had seemed to be two or three steps ahead of the Jedi, no matter what happened. In a way though, she was a few steps ahead herself, considering the movies.

So caught up in her thoughts as she was, she didn't notice the trio of beings walking up behind her until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Instantly on the defensive, she whirled around, crouching slightly with her hands up. And nearly fell backwards in surprise.

Yoda, Mace Windu and Kenobi were all standing there, right in front of her. Quickly composing herself she straightened up. This was almost as exciting as when she had first seen Holmes open his eyes.

Then she realized that these three had probably been sent by Palpatine who knew she was going to come here and...

"I never did get your name," Kenobi said softly, a trace of amusement lacing his voice, "And I would consider it bad manners to not be able to thank the one who saved my life. Where is your droid?"

" name's Beth...and Watson's...." She stopped and shook her head, a great idea having just come to her. She desperately hoped it would work considering the other two were measuring her up. "I'm not from this galaxy...I don't even think I'm from this, wait...Watson -- who isn't just a droid -- and I were chasing a criminal when we got stuck in Chancellor Palpatine's office. I told Palpatine that I was here to assassinate someone, and he got this weird smile on his face...."

"How do you know us if you're not from here?" Windu asked, suspicion clearly written on his smooth features.

Here I go again, she thought. "Where I come from there are these movies that were really popular. They were all about this universe. I can prove it." She turned to Obi-wan. "You just came back from finding out that a bounty hunter has been hired to kill Senator Amidala. And now Anakin has been sent to Naboo and you're about to go find out what you can about that um...dart thing."

The expressions on their faces were priceless.

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