It's the Truth, I Swear!

Part 5

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....just because I had a bit of time on me hands....

Lestrade simply stood there, glowering at the figure in front of her. She had no idea what he meant by 'training' her, but she assumed it had something to do with her statement about being an assassin. Whatever it was, she certainly wasn't going to let him intimidate her into doing anything she didn't expressly want to do -- for that matter, anything at all, coming from him.

"And if I refuse?" she asked haughtily, trying to buy some time as she debated darting past him and into the now empty lift.

Again, the dry chuckle. "Then you will die -- for the attempted murder of Senator Amidala. So you see, whether you are willing or not, you will still be doing me a great service."

"How," she asked, keeping her eyes locked on the general vicinity of his eyes, "would my being implicated in that serve you?"

She kept her eyes hardened, but forced herself to show signs of weakening resolve, just enough to let him know he was getting to her. ....Just a few seconds longer...and something to distract him....

"A pity. You seem to know a great deal about me, and yet you do not understand my plans. I ask you once more, and I will not ask again: Will you join me?"

Right at that moment, as if responding to her wish, the guardsmen who had been tracking her began to try and scramble through the rubble. It wasn't much, but it distracted Palpatine long enough for her to scamper past him and climb up onto the top of the lift. Without waiting for thought to catch up to her, she began shimmying up the sides of the lift.

Watson stared out over the various ships docked on the platform he was standing on, next to a battle scarred freighter (though he wouldn't know that's what it was til later) and debated whether or not to try and board one. On the one hand, he didn't know where they were headed, and he didn't want to lose Lestrade. On the other, if he stayed here, it would be easier for whoever was after them to catch up to him.

"Hey, you!"

Watson started at the sound of a voice behind him. A gruff-looking individual wearing grimy clothing reminiscent of what heroes wore in all those old westerns was walking towards him. "What are you doing just loitering around here? Aincha got work ta do?"

"I...well I suppose that I...." Watson was at a loss for words. Suppose he said something that would alert the man to the fact that he wasn't from around here? Or that he wasn't just an ordinary 'droid? Or suppose the man was actually working for Palpatine...

"Oh, a protocol 'droid, eh? Wonderful...." A crafty expression crossed the man's face. "No restrainer identifying marks..why I'd say finders keepers. Come on you, the Hutts are always willing to pay for good protocol 'droids. How many languages you speak?"

"Well...I haven't been programmed in to speak...." Watson said, hoping that that would be the end of it and the con (for that's what Watson labeled him as) would simply leave him be.

"That's okay, languages are easily the right people...and I just happen to know some of the 'right people'." The con let out a cackling laugh. "Now come on, get on aboard."

Watson, about to refuse, saw several uniformed men climbing out of a shaft of some sort, and quickly climbed aboard the freighter. Lestrade would be all right. She had managed to get herself out of similar situations before, and he had no doubt of her ability now. Still, as the freighter took off, he couldn't help but worry about her.

Several hours later, the con who had taken the ship into what he had called 'hyper-speed' was sitting across from Watson at an odd chess board.

"Okay, 'droid, what's your designation? I know your type gets uppity if we call you anything else. 'sides, I like to know the names of my passengers."

Watson regarded the con with what should have been a haughty glare. "My name, sir, is Watson."

"Watson? What kind of...well, what's your make and model?" The con sounded quite exasperated and put-out. Well, too bad for him.

"I am not at liberty to release that information," he informed loftily.

"Fine, Watson," the con sneered, "I'm Jack Sayn, by the way. Not that it makes any difference. You call me Captain Sayn."

"Hmph. What is our destination anyway?"

A smirk crossed the thin lips. "Tatooine. Like I said. I gotta friend there who'll program you, and then I can sell you to the highest bidder."

"Seems rather mercenary, don't you think?"

"Yeah, well, when you live life out on the fast lane, you don't have time to think about things like that."

Watson would have smirked if he could have. "Sounds like the philosophy of a friend of mine."

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