From the View of Someone a Little Irregular

by Stacey (SST205 at

Down there, people
have beaten me up
for not being like them
for just being myself
the way God made me.

Up here, flying,
I am free from hurtful words.
Up here, flying,
I have only the
birds for company and
they are not much help when
I'm feeling lonely.

Below--there is
a place where I am welcome.
Below--there is
a place where I can be
me and am not put down;
and someone there who treats me
like a whole person.

I find it awesome
that he'd take the time for me
I find it awesome
because after all,
he's "The Great Detective! "
Why would he take the time
for a boy like me?

I wonder if, maybe
he feels a bit like I do
I wonder if, maybe
he still feels a bit out of place?
With his inverness
and deerstalker hat and
the old-fashioned terms that slip out of his mouth?

Could it be
that this man I admire
could it be
that this man I now call friend
could feel, just a bit
like a little crippled boy...
could he feel at all like me?

~Stacey Uffelman~

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