Lestrade's Search For the Wind

Part 2

by Annie Magee

Hi, everyone. Sorry I haven't been around. I've had comp. problems. Anyhow, here's the second part of my fic. Sorry. It's gotta be short because there's not a lot of time to write it.

"Lestrade? Were you up all night on a case again?" questioned Sherlock Holmes very loudly.

Darn Holmes and his observations. But it was true, her azure eyes were underlined with dark bags, a signature of sleep deprivation; and it seemed that she had to be yelled at to get her attention.

She covered her mouth and stifled a yawn. She just wanted to go back to sleep! But Holmes didn't want to seem to let the subject go.

"Lestrade? LESTRADE?" the detective yelled. The police officer jumped and tossed an angry glance over to his direction.

"What is it, Holmes?!?!" she snapped irritably, causing her inferior to step back a little. "Sorry, Holmes, I didn't sleep well last night..."

"Obviously," was the reply. "You didn't answer my question, though. Were you up all night on a case, as usual?"

"No. I had-" she stopped suddenly, blushing at the thought of telling him her dream. "I had a dream that spooked me and kept me from getting a decent night's sleep."

Holmes leaned in in anticipation as if he expected her to spill her dream's contents.

"I won't bore you with the details, though," she said quickly.

"No. Tell me. Pehaps it may help you."

Lestrade sighed through her nose and began speaking softly. "I dreamed I was on a planet -- not Earth, though. I was being called. U-Uranus was my name being called. The voice told me that it was my destiny. And then I was turned into a "Sailor Soldier". I saw a castle, nothing like the ones here on Earth. It told me that-- that I had to follow my destiny. That's when I awoke."

Holmes nodded, but Beth didn't think that telling him the dream had been a good idea. Finally, she whispered.

"I don't know what it means, Lestrade. But rest assured, I know what you are feeling. For you see, I had a similar dream...."

To be continued *duh duh dun* ^_^


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