The Slumber Party

Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

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Wiggins sighed as Jacey once again blew him a kiss and walked off with her two friends. This time it was she who had alternate plans -- a sleepover Alice had planned at the last minute. Had Wiggins been less generous than he was, he would have thought the class president and student voted 'most likely to succeed' had in fact thought it up the moment she knew he was going to ask Jacey to go with him to the annual school library Lock In.

Nah, that would mean Alice was a spiteful person, and she wasn't. Most of the time, anyway. Shaking his head he watched until the three girls disappeared, then walked down the street, his head hanging in a dejected manner. Then he forced himself to brighten up. He had never liked those things anyway, and besides, Tennyson and Deidre would probably have something more interesting to do than sit around reading books all night.

Unfortunately, Tennyson had come down with a cold, and Deidre wasn't at home. He decided to try his luck at Mister Holmes' place. Surely there was something he could do there, so that he wouldn't think about Jacey. At least not think about her as much. It was always less difficult to do that at Baker Street.

"Ah, Mister Wiggins! Do come on in!" the detective greeted him before he had even knocked. The boy shook his head, a grin on his face as he opened the door and walked inside.

"Wiggins!" Deidre cried, "You'll never guess what I just got!"

"Tickets to the Robobowl that you didn't steal?"

"Ha ha, very funny. No, Alice Parker invited me to a sleepover tonight, because all her usual guests are out of town. Can you believe that? As though I'd be that desperate to go to some preppy goody twoshoe's party."

Holmes gave a slight chuckle, as Wiggins carefully kept his expression blank. "Really? That sounds guess."

Deidre wasn't paying any attention. "Yeah, anyway, she told me to bring a friend. A girl friend, and an adult female role model." The girl snorted. "She's bringing a friend her older sister once went to college with. Said she works at New Scotland Yard now. Guess what her name is? Beth Lestrade. Can you believe it? I always knew there was something funny about that inspector."

"I wonder if Jacey and Catherine are going to have to bring anybody...." Wiggins said without thinking.

"Oh! Is that why you're here instead of at the Lock In? That know, Wiggins, sometimes I think you'd be better off with someone who isn't so eager to please everyone...."

"Not neccessarily," Holmes put in. He had been listening to the conversation with much interest. "I have been wanting to try out an experiment but have not really had the occasion to do so. You both know that I wore many disguises back in Victorian times?"

"Yeah," Wiggins said, "I heard you weren't even above playing a woman."

"Precisely," the detective said, leaning forward, "I have not had a chance to try that particular disguise out in this century, since the styles are completely different, and more...erm, formfitting if you will. Deidre, if you wouldn't mind -- in the name of science of course -- putting aside your dislike of this for one evening, then I should like to play your female role-model."

Deidre blinked and looked at Holmes, then grinned. "Sure! It'll be fun! But...who am I gonna bring as a friend? She stated specifically that...oh, I get it now. She knew I didn't have any _girl_friends. Zedding witch!"

Wiggins nodded slowly, agreeing with her sentiments and revising his earlier assessment of Alice Parker. She was the most spiteful, spoiled rotten person he had ever known. He looked over at Mister Holmes, who had a twinkle in his eye, and suddenly he realized that the man had planned it this way. He swallowed once, and then with a deep sigh of resignation said, "I'll be your friend, Deidre. I mean, if Mister Holmes can act like a girl, then so can I. Anyway, I've always wondered what goes on at these things."

"There's a good lad! Come now, and I'll show you what to do."

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