Logic of the Sidhe

Part 1

by Kira S. (alpineowl at hotmail.com)

Disclaimer: I don't own the concepts put forth by the show Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century. And I don't know who does. So that's my habitual legal jargon. BTW, any characters that you don't recognize are mine unless otherwise noted. And if you ask really nice (and you really want to) I'll let you use my original characters. If you don't ask I'll still be ecstatic that someone thinks I create interesting characters.

"Freeze, Scotland Yard!" Inspector Beth Lestrade yelled for the fifth time.

Why, Lestrade wondered offhandedly, was it that all of the criminals who were in good shape only prowled the streets when she was working the beat? This particular crook Lestrade had seen trying to break into 223A Baker Street, which held implications other then simple theft considering that famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes lived next door; and in the inspector’s experience, nothing even remotely connected to Holmes was ever simple.


"James, where are you?" Calista hissed to herself as she ran from the New Scotland Yard inspector. When she got out of this mess she swore to herself that Major James Smith of the US Air Force was going to get several words from her, most of them containing only four letters. Turning sharply right, Calista used the pole of a handy street lamp to balance herself in the wild curve. Calista ran out into the street. Once across, Calista plowed into a park, twisting around trees as they came, always trying to keep something between herself and the Yardie’s ionizer. Reaching under her black bomber jacket, Calista pulled out a laser pistol. Adjusting the level to stun, Calista planted herself behind a statue of Queen Elizabeth II and started firing.

Lestrade dove to the ground when the laser shots started flying. One beam grazed her upper left arm and all feeling left the limb. Lestrade frowned. What kind of a thief set their weapon to stun? Pushing the question to the back of her mind, Lestrade readjusted her own weapon and concentrated on the firefight.

Calista cursed herself, James, and the fact that pistol battery magazines never lasted an entire shootout. Discarding the useless hunk of plastic Calista pulled another magazine out of her holster and slammed it into the gun with more force then necessary. Calista was about to start firing again when warning signals shot off in her head; she threw herself down the hill the statue she was using for cover rested on top of. Behind her, electromagnetic energy ropes wrapped themselves around the bronze Elizabeth’s skirt. Coming out of her roll, Calista reached under her jacket again and yanked out another laser pistol that matched the first.

Calista could just barely see a man standing about seventy-five yards from where she had taken cover. He was wearing Victorian-style clothing and moved more like a robot then a man. Calista swore when she recognized him. Backing up, Calista didn’t want to know how much worse her luck could get as she twisted away from another set of energy cords. Something hit the back of her knees hard and Calista hit the ground. Rolling over, Calista brought her guns up to bear only to have them sharply knocked away. Calista rolled again, this time gaining her feet she turned to her assailant. He was a tall man in Victorian clothing and a deerstalker hat. Calista didn’t have time to be distraught that she was facing off with Sherlock Holmes. He swung her cane at her and Calista moved to defend herself when her arms snapped to her sides as someone’s ionizer finally hit its mark. Her balance thrown off, Calista fell to her knees -- her head now in the path of Holmes’ cane which stopped a mere hair’s breadth from the side of her face.

"Very nice aim, Inspector," Holmes commented as Lestrade jogged up.

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