Sherlock Puppy

Part 6

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Chapter VI: A Walk in the Park

Holmes awoke when he felt himself being gently lifted off whatever he had been sleeping on and placed on the floor. He got unsteadily to his four legs, mouth opening wide in a puppy-yawn. He didnít know it, but in his drowsy state the puppy mind that existed alongside -- one might even say intrinsically -- with his own had more influence than when Holmes was fully aware.

So, loyally and just like a puppy, he tagged along as Lestrade went into her bedroom, curling up again to sleep as Lestrade changed into her jogging suit. He woke up more fully when Lestrade clipped the leash to his collar.

Ten minutes later, he found himself jogging alongside his friend-now-owner in one of New Londonís parks. The morning air was crisp and cool; the sky promised a beautiful day; birds sang and the roar of New London traffic had not yet started. And Holmes, who could never be described as a morning person, was positively grumpy.

His grumpiness was not aided by the fact that other joggers, who all apparently knew Lestrade, kept pausing her in her jog to exclaim over her new pet. And Lestrade, whom Holmes had hoped would be irritated at this interruption to her exercise, instead absolutely beamed and let them pet, pat, fondle (that sounds rather bad -- but it is not meant in that way, I assure you), stroke and exclaim over the puppy.

For heavenís sake! thought Holmes annoyedly as an elderly couple chatted with Lestrade and their young grandson tried to make him chase thrown acorns (he ignored the child, of course). Youíd think she was showing off her newborn baby, not her newfound pet!

So, all-in-all, it was not a good-natured Holmes who jogged alongside Lestrade as she completed her fifth circuit of the rather small parkís running path. And then Wesley Flushing showed up....

Hey, no one figured out the song in chapter V!


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