Sherlock Puppy

Part 14

by Cyberwolf (wolf at

The shock of seeing Holmes normal, after having gone through a day when he was as not-normal as could possibly be, was almost as great as the initial discovery of his canine transformation. Lestrade sat down (on the chair so thoughtfully pulled for her by the ultra-fast Bubbles) less out of Holmes' waved command and more out of just needing to.

She stared at him from across the table. He was there. He was human again. He wasn't a dog. He was healthy and whole. He was...Holmes again. These conclusions took a surprisingly long time to reach.

She had so many questions, but somehow the first thing she said was: "What on earth are you wearing?"

Holmes, looking more at home in a gray turtleneck and black slacks than she would have thought, shrugged. "Professor Utonium has been nice enough to lend me a change of clothes. It's a good thing we are of similiar height."

"Why would you...oh." Transformation, right, and at the site they'd found his...Best not to pursue that line of thought.

She discovered a plate of eggs, bacon and hash browns had somehow materialized under her nose, the enticing smells reminding her of how inadequate yummibars were as meals. Three small girls (with one puppy held in the blonde's lap) had also appeared at the table, seated in a line and watching her with huge eyes.

She looked down at her breakfast and carefully placed a forkful of eggs in her mouth, using the time between chewing and swallowing to form a question she felt was less likely to sound so inane.

"What happened?" Simple was sometimes best, after all.

Holmes put down his cup, Lestrade saw the dark brown liquid sloshing in the mug, and looked at her. Absently she reflected on how strange it was to see Holmes in non-eighteenth- century-like clothing before focusing on his words.

"Professor Utonium ran the tests on me, as he was when you left last night. He finished some time before eleven o'clock, and instead of going to bed, decided to stay up and work on the antidote, for which I am grateful." He inclined his head towards the Professor in a show of gratitude.

The Professor smiled. "Ah, it was nothing. How could I sleep with such a fascinating puzzle?"

'Puzzle?' Lestrade thought. 'No wonder these two are hitting it off. They're both obsessed with figuring things out.'

"I, meanwhile, could not sleep I stayed in the lab and watched."

"He did more than watch," the Professor inserted as he reached across the table and wiped the mouth of his 'sister' Buttercup. "Using a keypad, he handled at least half of the chemistry of the whole thing."

"In any case, the point is that I was in the lab," Holmes said. "And then...Blossom, I think the name is?" he asked, smiling in that way he reserved for those who had not yet reached adulthood at the red-haired girl. She giggled and nodded, her cheeks tinging with a blush.

'I think Holmes just became her first crush,' Lestrade thought, grinning in amusement.

"So, Blossom flew in. I was standing on the tabletop at the time, checking on something. She then accidentally knocked me into a vat of Chemical Y."


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