Sherlock Puppy

Part 13

by Cyberwolf (wolf at

The tests would take quite some time to finish, so Lestrade left Holmes at the Professor's overnight. She drove back to New London, after arranging to return to the laboratory the next morning.

She let herself into her apartment, chuckling a bit when she saw the bag of pet supplies sitting near her door. She'd collared Holmes...and leashed him...and had swept him for fleas. Let's see him try to get on his high horse now!

'You also _bathed_ him....' Okay, perhaps she'd never bring this up again if he didn't....

She ate some Chinese take-out for dinner, finishing her book as she ate. She caught some News-on-Demand on the Net, checked up on her email, and then got ready for bed.

All in all, it was a very ordinary night, in contrast to a very strange day. This of course meant that, in order to maintain balance, she proceeded to have some of the weirdest dreams she'd ever had to compensate.

The loud buzzing of her alarm clock jolted Lestrade out of her dreams. She sat up, rubbing at her blue-green eyes with the heel of her hand, chasing the lingering images of that dream from her mind.

'We will never speak of this again,' she told her mind firmly as she went into the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face. 'All right? All right.' She left New London in time to beat the early-morning rush hour traffic and was at Surrey by ten AM.

"Good morning, Inspector!" chirped Bubbles, the one who opened the door when Lestrade knocked. "You want to have breakfast?"

Lestrade, who'd only had time to grab a yummibar, acceded. "Where's the Professor?" she asked while following the small blond girl who was floating ahead of her.

"Eating breakfast with...Seeker!" she squealed, as a small yellow blur barreled into her. Lestrade stared as a familiar pale-furred puppy jumped into Bubbles' arms, tail wagging at a frenetic pace.

"Holmes?" she demanded, flabbergasted. "What are you doing?"

"Having breakfast," came a familiar British voice. Lestrade spun, to see - through an open door quite nearby - a sunny kitchen. She burst through the door to see two men seated round a table loaded with breakfast food. One was Professor Utonium, still in his labcoat over a pair of blue pajamas. The other was a very human and non-canine Sherlock Holmes.

"Holmes?" she gaped.

"Do have a seat,'re making the place look untidy," he said, sipping from the mug he held in his hand.

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