Sherlock Puppy

Part 12

by Cyberwolf (wolf at

"Bubbles?" The blond hung her head, audibly sniffling. The sound was pitiful enough that Lestrade longed to cuddle that unnaturally cute cherub and tell her it was all right, have a cookie. Then she remembered what Professor Utonium said about that blond one having the power to invoke the affections of all warm-blooded creatures.

"Blossom?" The redhead lowered her head like her blond sister, also digging her toe into the carpeting. She, however, did not sniffle, but began murmuring a long stream of profound apology.

"Buttercup?" The last of the trio, a dark-haired girl, looked to the side, not meeting her guardian's gaze but not hanging her head like her two sisters.

"What have you got to say to Mr Holmes?" Mr Holmes was, at the moment, sprawled exhausted on the floor.

"Sorry..." muttered the three in unison - Buttercup rather less loudly than the other two.

"Sorry for..." prompted the Professor.

"We're sorry for chasing you and bathing you without permission and putting perfume on you and making you play tea-party and..."

"Wait a minute," Lestrade interrupted the litany of sins. She choked back a very undignified snort of laughter. "You made him play...tea party?"

"It was Blossom's idea!" Buttercup and Bubbles immediately announced. The redhead looked annoyed at her sisters' quick denunciation. "It was only a little," she defended herself. "'Sides, it was your idea to dress him up!"

"But we never got around to that, did we?" Buttercup retorted quickly.

"Girls!" Professor Utonium interrupted their impending squabble. "Just apologize and be done with it. Don't you have training to do?"

"Yes, professor. Sorry, Mr Holmes."

Holmes wagged his tail once in acknowledgement.

"How cuuuute!"

Holmes found himself being huggled to death once more.

"Bubbles! Put him down! Put him down right this...Inspector, are you all right?"

Lestrade was laughing too hard to answer.

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