Sherlock Puppy

Part 11

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What hath preceded:

Holmes gets into an accident. The accident involves a plot- device-type chemical, which shifts our favorite anachronistic detective into the body of a puppy. By an incredible twist of fate, he's adopted by Inspector Lestrade. After learning of his true identity and attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm on him for the 'charade', Lestrade drives out to Surrey to find the truth of the matter...and settles for subtle torture instead of the more physical maiming she originally planned.

Chapter 11: Meeting the Utoniums

It was still early afternoon when Lestrade’s cruiser pulled up in front of a small, unprepossessing brick building. A mailbox that would not have looked out of place in the 1950’s was stuck into the earth near the building’s walkway.

Lestrade checked the address on the mailbox against the directions her on-cruiser GPS system had provided. She looked doubtfully at the building again. "Maybe my system’s fritzing on me. Sure doesn’t look like the lab of a top-notch scientist...." she muttered, punching a few buttons on the console.

A barking sound drew her attention to where Holmes was sitting. "I know, I know. If you could talk you’d be saying something like don’t discount the possibility until it’s investigated or something." She smirked at the way Holmes was visibly frustrated about his lack of verbal communication skills.

"Well, let’s go." The cruiser’s door opened with a slight hydraulic hiss. Lestrade stepped out, and whistled. "Here boy, here boy!"

Holmes leapt neatly out of the cruiser, giving Lestrade a dirty look as he did so. There must be some way to get back at her for this. Petty vengeances weren’t really Holmes’ way, but for this case he’d make an exception.

Lestrade walked up the gravel pathway, the small golden puppy trotting at her side. The door opened before she knocked on it, revealing a tall man with neat dark hair smiling politely at Lestrade. He, like the building, didn’t look the part -- he wore casual clothing instead of the lab-coat he was usually photographed in -- but Lestrade recognized Professor P. Utonium, Jr, winner of the Larkin Institute Award and infamous recluse. (she had only gotten the address because Walker down in Computer Crimes owed her a favor and hacked his way into a database)

Lestrade answered his smile with one of her own. "Professor Utonium?" she asked, sticking her hand out. "Hi, my name is Elizabeth Lestrade. I’m terribly sorry to bother you, but I’ve got a problem -- bit of an understatement -- and so far it seems you’re the only one here who can help."

It was here where one of two things could happen: the Professor could agree to help Lestrade; or he could refuse, rant at her for invading his privacy, and then shut the door in her face. In which case she’d have to break in and try to find literature pertaining to Chemical X by herself.

Lestrade really hoped it would be the former.

Luckily, it was.


Several minutes later found Lestrade seated on a sofa, sipping tea. The Professor sat across her, looking very calm and at-ease as he listened to her story. Holmes wasn’t in the room -- as soon as he had set foot into the house, he had been swooped up by a blue blur who zoomed off, squealing something that Lestrade could vaguely recognize as words to the effect of ‘how cuteadorablesweetlovablehuggable!’ She’d started after them, but decided that telling the Professor what had happened took a higher priority.

And so here she was, relating to a total stranger how her best friend and biggest headache had turned into a small puppy-dog.

"I know it sounds, well, crazy...."

"Not at all, actually," the Professor told her, leaning forward so that his elbows rested on top of his knees. He looked at her, his dark eyes serious and kind. "I am...well-acquainted with the effects Chemical X can have on a person. I find it not at all hard to believe that such a thing could happen when that substance is involved." He sighed. "Did you notice the girl who picked up your puppy...I mean, Mr Holmes?"

Lestrade thought back. That blue blur...

"She and her sisters aren’t really human. My father was doing an experiment, invented the Chemical X, you know. And he was doing, as I have mentioned, an experiment. It involved human cloning -- I know it’s illegal," he said, noting her expression. "But he had a special dispensation from the UN -- besides it was on therapeutic cloning, for replacement body parts, not full-on cloning. Anyway, the Chemical X fell in, a result, I now have three super-powered little ‘sisters’."

Lestrade gaped at him.

"Do you want to see them? I think we’ll find Mr Holmes there with them, as well."


Holmes was miserable.

A red-haired, red-eyed little girl and another one who could have been the first’s identical twin except for the blond hair and blue eyes were currently engaged in trying to tie a huge ribbon around his neck. He was exhausted, having expended a vast amount of energy in running around the room trying to escape them. But now he was backed into a corner, tail tucked in between legs, and too tired to run any further.

It can’t get any worse.

Another small girl, this time with black hair and greenish eyes, burst into the room. "Wow! A puppy!"

Why me?

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