A Bad Christmas Wish

Part 6

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

Holmes awoke when he saw the rays of morning sunlight through the window. He felt awful, totally awful. Lestrade had turned into a little girl and would probably never change back to her own self again.

Wait a minute; will she kill herself for that?

Fear came over Holmes and he jumped out of his bed. 'Lestrade, wake up!' he yelled as he rushed to the living room.

He heard Lestrade yawn and saw her tousled brown head pop up from the couch. Holmes' eyes widened in surprise and his mouth fell open.

Lestrade blinked her eyes. 'What's the matter?' she asked.

'Look into the mirror,' Holmes instructed.

The mirror? Lestrade rushed to the mirror. 'Am I dreaming?' she asked herself, because the image of her was fully-grown, with clothes that fitted to her. 'I am an adult again!' She was overjoyed.

'Congratulations, Lestrade, I'm glad that you changed back to your own self again.' Holmes winked at her.

'Yeah...' she smiled back when she noticed something and she walked toward Holmes. 'Holmes, who's in charge of the Christmas decoration in your house?'

'Deidre, Wiggins, Tennyson, Watson...' he counted. 'They insisted. Any problem with that?'

'No...why didn't you tell them not to include that?' She pointed up.

Holmes looked up. On the ceiling hung...mistletoe. What the...I thought I already told them.

Holmes was still thinking when suddenly...Lestrade gave him a kiss on the cheek.

She smiled at him. 'Goodbye and Merry Christmas.' She then walked out of Holmes' front door. Holmes still stood there, stunned.

Lestrade walked down the road when -- she saw the carnival again. She could see the wishing well inside. Lestrade thought for a while and smiled. Maybe I will wish Holmes to be a kid this time! She grinned and rushed home to get a coin.


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