A Bad Christmas Wish

Part 4

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at hotmail.com)

'Yes?' Watson asked as he opened the door in 221B, Baker Street.

'Is Holmes in?' Lestrade asked.

'What do you want him for, little girl?'

Lestrade felt like she wanted to cry.

'Watson! I am Lestrade! Inspector Lestrade!' she said tiredly.

Watson just looked at her.

Okay, he does not believe me. 'Fine! Scan my footprints for DNA!' Lestrade stepped to one side.

'Well...if you say so...' A minute later, Watson went silent. 'Lestrade?' He finally said uncertainly.

'I told you so,' Lestrade said dryly.

'Well, come on in.'

Lestrade went in and Holmes' apartment was decorated with Christmas decorations.

'Holmes was out and will probably be back in a few minutes.' Right after he said that, Holmes came right though the front door.

'It's cold out there!' Holmes took off his Inverness and deerstalker hat. Then he noticed Lestrade. 'Who is she, Watson?'

'Oh, great! Even Holmes does not recognize me! I think I will go to an elementary school, change my name and start my life all over again!' Lestrade said angrily.

'Calm down, Lestrade!' Watson said.

'Really, Lestrade, you should control your temper.' Holmes grinned.

'Why you...wait a minute! I thought you didn't know who I am!'

'I was just joking at that time.'

'How did you know? Maybe I am not Lestrade but her sister.'

'Because I saw a resemblance. As far as I remember, you've never mentioned that you have a sister or relative that looks like you. And this...' Holmes grabbed Lestrade's hand, showing a silver bracelet on her wrist. '...is the thing I brought for you on your birthday,' he finished.

'What are you going to do now, Lestrade? Are you going to be stuck in your little girl's body forever?' Watson asked.

'Just one question, Lestrade, how did you get yourself in this mess?' Holmes interrupted before Lestrade could answer.

'Well, the story goes like this....'


'So that's the whole story.' Lestrade finished.

'Why don't you stay here, Lestrade?' Holmes suddenly asked.

Lestrade looked astonished. 'Well... thanks. I think I will sleep on the couch. So what am I going to do?'

'I think you have to get out of this mess the same way you got into it.'

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