Round Robin

Part 9

by "Inspector Beth Lestrade"

I can't believe I'm doing this. Okay, here I go.

She frowned as Moriarty slipped the ring on her finger. There was something...not right about this, and yet, she knew there was something between herself and the man smiling down at her.

"Is something wrong, my dear?" asked Moriarty.

"Do you mean besides the fact that I've lost my memory, found out I was married, and that I was a professional hacker?" she choked out angrily. "Besides that, I'm just fine. "Tell me what that job was you wanted me to do," she demanded. He was still holding her hand, and she fought the urge to pull back.

Moriarty slowly released her hand, then took he arm and led her over to the computer terminal. Pulling out the chair, he motioned her to take a seat. Whatever his other foibles, he was a perfect gentleman.

She sat in the proffered chair and waited for him to explain.

"First, a little exercise to see if you remember what you are doing," he began, "I want you to get into the mainframe of the bank of New London and extract 200,000 credits."

"I am detecting traces of Lestrade's DNA here, Holmes," Watson said when they landed the coachcraft. He regarded his friend, who was determinedly walking the perimeter of the warehouse.

Holmes looked at him. "Then she was here. Now, can you follow the DNA patterns from here?"

Watson reluctantly shook his head. "They are too faint; she wasn't here long enough."

Holmes' mouth twisted into a grimace. He began pacing. "If only I had insisted that she stay at her apartment. But that doesn't matter now. What does is that I find her." He said all this more to himself than to Watson. "She is vulnerable, if any of her enemies found her in this state...." His voice trailed off.

"I am sure you will find her, Holmes," the compudroid reassured him.

Holmes started to reply, but was interrupted by Wiggins. "Mr. Holmes! There's been a break-in at the Bank of New London!"

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