Round Robin

Part 8

by Will (willkinn at

Holmes started to worry when Lestrade hadn't come back after twenty minutes, so he decided he'd go knock on the door and see what was taking so long. "Lestrade," he said "are you all right?"

But there was no answer, so he said to a waitress, "Can you go look in the ladies' room and see if you can find the woman I came in with?"

The waitress came out a minute later and said, "She left through the window."

Holmes then immediately called Watson and said, "Watson, I need you and the Irregulars to come help me find Lestrade."

Watson then said, "We'll be there in a moment, Holmes."

Once they got into the hovercoach, Wiggins asked, "Where do you think she went, Mr. Holmes?"

"I don't know, Wiggins," Holmes said as they were nearing the building where Lestrade met Moriarty.

Moriarty took Lestrade to a house near the one Holmes said he lived at on Baker Street.

She asked, "What are we doing here?"

"This is where we live, my Beth." Moriarty said casually. "We must get your ring back on your finger," he said.

"Oh, okay," Beth said as they walked in.

"Fenwick, what are you doing here?" Moriarty said with an angry tone.

"I was just cleaning the place up, my lord," he said with a scared tone.

"Well, leave," Moriarty said very furiously.


"Now, Fenwick!" Moriarty yelled. "Now where did I put that ring?" he said, looking around. "Ah, here it is. Here you go, my sweet."

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