Round Robin

Part 5

by Selene (scooby_doo1986 at

"Come in!" she yelled.

And a policeman came in. "Inspector Lestrade! How could you lose your memory at this kind of time?" he demanded.

Holmes jumped up and protested:"Grayson, you are so unreasonable! It's not like she lost her memory on purpose!"

The policeman stared at Holmes and Holmes stared back.

She stood up and asked Holmes, "Who is he?"

Holmes turned his eyes from staring at the policeman to Lestrade. "Your Chief Inspector Grayson," he said.

"Oh." She turned to Grayson."Aren't you so impatient with my impulsive ways that you want me to take leave for a few days?" she asked. Holmes grinned.

Grayson stared at them for a while and said, "That will be all, Lestrade; report back when you've recovered." After that he hurried off.

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