Round Robin

Part 26

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Angel: i've been on a skiing trip! and i lost my pencil and i've had sooooooo many fic ideas and i couldn't find ANYTHING to write with so now i've giving you pt 26 to get rid of exess creative juices!
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Fight like I practice, huh? Well, that's easy for Wiggins to say! Lestrade couldn't help it, though. She found herself taking a new position, and having the old feeling of watching in slow motion come back to her.

Lestrade smiled wickedly. Dragon Lady had only taught her half of what she knew now. Snap kicking at the Inspector, Dragon Lady was surprised to find Lestrade's place empty. Dragon Lady hesitated for a moment, confused, and then had Lestrade land on her back.

"Jump? Erk- you jumped...up!"

Lestrade could tell The Lady had not expected that. She had been getting confident, knowing all Lestrade's old patterns. She stepped down with her heel, but The Lady had rolled out of the way.

Dragon Lady attacked again, again, but Lestrade had decided to play cool. This was like when Holmes argued. He would only defend himself -- occasionally putting in some biting remark, but avoiding or ignoring until she, or whoever the other person was, was tired and out of insults. Then he would attack. And since when did Holmes lose arguments? This could be used in physical fights, too, and Lestrade was actually capable of it. No matter what Holmes said. Still smiling, Lestrade tilted her head slightly, letting the turning kick hit the air.

The Dragon Lady was frustrated. Beth was impatient; she didn't dodge and defend, she attacked. She was the offensive player. Always. This wasn't the way things where supposed to go. The lady in question suddenly kicked Dragon Lady in the stomach and abruptly ended analysis of her fighting technique.

Holmes smiled; things were looking a bit brighter. He knew what the dear Inspector was up to, seeing as he was an expert. If only she would use that when fighting with him, the arguments would be much more interesting. "Please watch the carpet, girls! I happen to be rather fond of it."

Moriarty looked at Holmes in wonder. The carpet? Who cared about the carpet right now?! He shook his head, Lestrade would've been so much better off staying with him. If only. Unfortunately, she was already spoken for and 'if onlies' and 'what ifs' weren't going to change that. Nothing would. He'd help them out of this mess; then things would be back to normal. No more thinking of the dear Inspector.

Tennyson inquired about the cavalry once again. Watson's answer was a negative. Still caught up in fighting and things were not looking any better. Watson had, though, informed Grayson of the fact that Moriarty was at the moment on their side. Chief hadn't exactly, readily agreed but had consented to give the fact some thought. If he had the time. Tennyson rolled his eyes at this. Oh well. You can't win them all.

Lestrade dodged once more; she was getting bored. The Dragon Lady wasn't tiring very quickly and this wasn't Lestrade's style at all. Giving into temptation, Lestrade lashed out with her fist and was rewarded with a sharp crack on the knuckles.

The Dragon Lady smiled. Two could play this game. Dear little Beth was getting bored. She had the girl now.

I am not bored. I am fighting for my life and Holmes' living room here. Lestrade smiled to herself and rearranged her nerves. Right! Here we go. Dragon Lady was waiting, waiting for her to attack. Zed! She had caught on! Oh, well, Dragon Lady was in for a loooong wait.


Ten minutes went by. The Dragon Lady was getting suspicious. Beth's patience wasn't this long. Something was up. Yet Lestrade looked perfectly honest, standing there, inspecting her nails. Inspecting her nails? That was new, but it was providing such a beautiful opening. The Dragon Lady attacked, jumping and kicking out at Beth's head. Then, suddenly, her head wasn't there anymore. It had been replaced by the fireplace. Then she felt someone attack from behind her, adding even more force to the momentum carrying her forward into the brickwork. With a crunch, the Dragon Lady hit the chimney and slid down into a heap at the edge of the rink. Vaguely she heard someone counting backwards.

"Three, twwoooooo, ONEEEE!!! You'rreeeeeeeeee out!!!!!!" Wiggins hugged the closest person, Deidre, and swung her around in circles.

"Ow!!!! Let me go, you great clodpole!"

Lestrade bent down beside The Dragon Lady, and heard her mumble. "What was that? Curse the person who taught you that, Beth. I'll admit I wasn't expecting it."

Lestrade smiled and whispered back, "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition."

"Spanish Inquisition? I hardly think that it was that bad." Holmes grinned down at the Inspector, "I must say, though, did you have to be so hard on the fireplace?"

Lestrade shook her head and stood up. "Thanks. I'll remember to watch out for it next time I'm in the middle of a life or death situation."

Angel: there you go! (i luv monty python, i'll admit it!) 'We strike with our two main weapons! Our fear and our surprise and our- No wait! Our three main weapons! Our fear, our surprise, our comfy chair and our-Could we start this again?' or something like that....
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